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Atma Weapon

A couple metal covers of classic RPG songs - Need feedback!

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Hey! Just signed up after having come here for years.

Me and my brother are starting up our own VGM cover band, specifically focusing on classic RPG music and also focusing on the melodic metal genre. We've put together some demos to help us jam out the songs. The first two songs on the Myspace page are the remixes in question. The project name we're giving to these two songs is Atma Weapon, so disregard the band name on that page (we're getting our own website in gear shortly).

The first is a cover of the "Last Castle" theme from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

The second is a three part medley of songs from the first two Lufia games. The opening Fortress of Doom theme from the first game starts it off, then the Sinistral battle theme from Lufia II. The outro is "The Mystery Lady", Iris' theme, also from Lufia II. This was just submitted under the name "It's So Dark" on a freak whim--I figure I might as well. I know the quality is probably not what they're looking for (I'm having issues with redlining on the EQ, and I had to reduce the bit rate to 128kbps just to get under the 6MB limit).

Basically, these are both "educated demos" while we find better recording equipment (especially to be able to record real drums). I think, for what I've got so far, it ain't too shabby. Constructive criticism is highly appreciated, especially because I'm no producer. I basically make everything up--I've never been formally taught how to do it. I'm a DIY sort of guy, and whatever bad habits I've acquired throughout the years are probably stuck with me. That's always been my issue with my guitar playing too, since I was also self-taught.

Anyway, be kind please. :-P

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You should make sure #ocrwip knows there's metal on the wip board. :P

From what I can tell, you guys play well, the drums sound fake (and then I read they indeed are) - the crash gives them away, otherwise it just sounds weirdly recorded dry and mixed soft... Hard to judge quality from a myspace player, they compress the crap out of the files to make them small and easy to stream. best advice I can get you besides give us a good mp3 wip is to compare the sound of your stuff to that of well produced similar music, be it from ocr or the non-vgm market or wherever.

btw, you might be interested in the Lufia project here. You're also welcome to join the Seiken Densetsu 3 project. ;)

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