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VG Opinion Poll #16 - Results!


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I've been meaning to get to this... sorry for the delay.

Okay, here is the question from last time:

VG Opinion Poll #16

Would you prefer a game from an established franchise to be similar to its predecessors in its plot/style/gameplay or would you rather it break new ground while maintaining the spirit of the series?

Here's how it played out:

A. Stay the course! - 6 votes (60%) - Top dawg!

B. Break the mold! - 4 votes (40%)

Well, I didn't expect such a close race or the number of mixed opinions. I can see how this was a difficult question to answer, given the number of examples for and against changing the style or mechanics of a franchise. Anyway, it seems that gamers like things the way they are (or the way they were for us old-timers).

Thanks for voting! New poll (about time!) in a bit.

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