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  1. In an interview, the producer said his vision for the game is to be more like Star Ocean 3 and less like Star Ocean 4 I am hyped as FUCK
  2. voted for Impa Smash needs another heavy femme fighter Samus is lonely
  3. Here! Anyone else who's here, could you call 8136904316 so I can link up with somebody? Pweeeeeez?
  4. So Tauce convinced me to hit this shit up this year. If anyone would be so magnanimous as to help me with hotel room floor space or the like, I would reward them as graciously as I am able to. hit me up with a pm or smth!
  5. Attack on Titan is the Blue Gender of low-fantasy anime it's a gritty world-builder with few permanent characters and a revolving door of meat to grind the world presented is simply too dangerous for most of the characters you spend time with to actually develop on-screen; anime is a damn hard medium to handle, and most studios have to choose their storytelling battles very carefully death, in most cases (lots of exceptions), isn't there for you the viewer to react to; it's there to set up the characters remaining, and their experiences of terror, anger, fear, often hopelessness/resignation
  6. the weed episode is my favorite because WHAT THE HELL WEED DOESN'T DO THAT
  7. Oh that makes sense having an opinion on what parts of a series you enjoy over what parts you don't is totally cool, and now that I see that's where your coming from, I rescind a lot of what i said prior cheers
  8. you don't own Gundam, and you have absolutely no authority from which to determine what someone else's creative work is or isn't. Sunrise sure thought it was a Gundam show, and they make Gundam. Quit this kind of purist-fan pretentiousness, man, it's not good for you. you're going to... not watch something because you somehow KNOW a priori that it has no substance? Can you explain how that works? Because i've said that exact same thing about a show, only to be proven hilariously wrong. You really shouldn't be so quick to judge the quality of something you haven't watched. How do you know i
  9. the modern tournament is derived from the tradition of combat by champion throughout history, geopolitics has often been determined by "heroic" single combat what is so absurd about a fictional implementation of an historical fact of human interaction, albeit on a grander scale also, shonen is often fundamentally about breaking down complex situations to deeply personal desires, e.g. love
  10. -A lot of political theory texts (Paine, Hobbes, Thoreau, Rousseau, etc.) -Saga Volume 3 -Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley -A vacuum pot and half a pound of coffee -A tin of European chocolates -A neat protective case and cleaning kit for my Wii U gamepad -An X-men beer glass, an Iron Man shot glass, and a Hulk shot glass -A bottle of Very Bad Elf English Pale Ale -The Sunshine blu-ray set -A nice shirt and a nicer hooded sweater -Good times
  11. NNID is relyanCe I only have smash 4 at the moment, so hit me up for games whenever you see me
  12. soooo it's shadow of the colossus with dungeons OH GOD I'M SO READY
  13. can we get a dedicated list of Wii U FC's? add me at relyanCe for games anytime
  14. First of all, there is no ad hominem in Shadow's posts. His rebuttals may be on the spiny side of discourse method, but he is addressing your points just fine. Be wary of falling back on complaints of personal attack when someone isn't nice to your position. Second, and I'm not making a judgment either way here, but if someone tells you that your position is confusing, it might be a wise practice to go back over your statements to make sure you aren't obfuscating your point. There is a difference between being confused and pointing something out as confusing. Especially in this kind of forum
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