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Mega Bot - Power Rangers/Super Sentai Parody Web Series


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Okay, so there is this new web series that is a parody of Power Rangers and/or Super Sentai (Okay it's definitely a take on power Rangers, because I doubt the creators know what Super sentai is, BUT...).

It's kind of about what the Power ranger's would be like if they were washed up, getting older, and hating their jobs.

It's been going on for about 4 weeks, and there are only 4 episodes so far. It's updated every wednesday, but i think they're just about at the end of the first season. The concept is pretty funny and the humor at times is hit or miss, but when it's funny I've found that I've really enjoyed the episodes (Especially if you appreciate a series making fun of the Power Rangers.)

The interaction between Yellow, Pink, and Black are great too. haha Honestly, I'm really enjoying this.

Anyone else watching this?

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Back in the day when I was about 5 I watched power rangers - was awesome, used to love it.

Lost it with turbo in my opinion, and now... it sucks from what I have seen. The Original MMPR however was sick.

Will watch and give my thoughts in a bit :D

Hmm... well I've stopped at 3.

It made me snigger a few times but most of it wasn't that funny imo... seen much better parodies, but credit to these guys for trying I guess :D

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