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Machinery of Nature (Carl Sagan)


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I started AND finished this today. I used a quote from Carl Sagan as the title (it also appears twice in the song, acting as a sort of transition). Very much inspired by The Flashbulb. An interesting fact: I didn't mix this AT ALL. I just put some compression on the master channel to boost the volume. That's how high quality the samples I worked with are, haha. Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!


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Nicely done. :)

I'm surprised nobody else has said anything yet. I wasn't quite thrilled in the first seconds, but I quickly forgot about that and was nicely surprised once it got going.

I'm not even going to criticize anything about it really, it sounds like you know what you are doing and nothing that I could perceive as a flaw truly hurts the art of this song in my mind, personally.

Sorry if I'm gushing too much, but I really do like it that much.

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