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Recruiting for video game cover band ala oneups, retro remix revue

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Hey guys, not sure if this is the appropriate sub-forum or even if this is allowed. Read the rules and it seems okay, but feel free to lock or move if this isn't.

Anyway, I'm a drummer looking to start a video game cover band of any style as long as I can get some people together to jam to some video game tunes. I am located in Indiana, and I'd be willing to go to any of the surrounding states if any of you live there. We could jam maybe once a month or something? Of course, if you live here, that's even better as I have a good jam space to play in.

Do any of you know a good place to recruit? I already posted on craigslist and I'm heading to the major music stores today to post on their bulletin boards, but I thought this forum would be a good place too since you all obviously share the same passion I do for video game music.

Thanks for any help and I appreciate any interest!

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