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  1. QFT I loved the comics, but it would have been boring if they had followed them closely. I would have known exactly what to expect!
  2. I loved it. Excellent follow up to both Iron Man and Avengers, like the OP said. I actually appreciated the changes from the Extremis arc in the comic. I found myself repeatedly thinking I knew how things were going to go, and then being surprised. I have to say though, with as much as I loved the movie, I'm kinda glad it was the last Iron Man. It felt like the series was winding down, and I think any more sequels would wear out it's welcome. Time to let some new heroes have the spotlight. The Marvel universe is a big place.
  3. I went to one of those unreputable, 2 year, for-profit colleges for audio/video production. My classmates were mostly ghetto thugs who thought their shitty little beat machine and an associates degree from this place meant they would become the next big hip hop star even though everything I heard from them the entire time I was there completely and unequivically sucked ass. So for an assignment I threw together this little chiptune inspired electronica song in Reason overnight, and they hear it and think I'm some kind of music production god. Moments later, this exchange happens... "Yo dawg, you ever heard of the Zeppelins?" "Led Zeppelin?" "That was it!" "Yeah, they're a great band." "I was listening to this hot track on the way here... what was it called again... something about Heaven..." "Stairway to Heaven." "Yeah mang! That track was tight! I was thinkin' maybe you could make a beat out of it for me to flow over. I'll pay you... I dunno mang, like $30 dollars." "Yeah, I'll get right on that."
  4. Really? I felt the opposite. Nearly every boss fight had my heart racing and made me feel like such a badass. Especially that sea monster and that clockwork golem thing with all the swords. The music during those fights was perfect. And at least for me, the difficulty was perfectly set so that I'd beat it on the first try but barely make it out alive. The only ones that kinda annoy me are the sand scorpion (because it's so disappointingly easy) and the flaming spider eyeball thing (because it was a pain in the butt to figure out, and once I did it was also disappointingly easy).
  5. For me, it's all going to come down to story for me. References be damned. Not that I don't get a kick out of the cameos, but it's got to stand on it's own as a film. The concept is intriguing.
  6. I want to work for your boss.
  7. I only ask that God allows me to live long enough to hear this album. EDIT: Actually, I'm just kidding. Please don't kill me yet, God.
  8. I'm sitting here trying to think of any sci-fi TV themes that I love more than 's, but I just can't. There's a lot of great ones out there, but I can't think of another show where the music and lyrics captured the themes and tones of its show so absolutely perfectly. Maybe , but that isn't sci-fi.EDIT: But as far as the composition on its own merits, completely independent of the rest of the show, I gotta go with Yeah, it's a bit of a stretch, but it did have a lot of sci-fi themes.EDIT 2: I take it all back... THIS is my favorite without a doubt, on both counts of fitting the show perfectly and just being an awesome jam. P.S.: Good lord, I am indecisive.
  9. Sorry for the double post, but I just realized the irony of me helping you with that track... I actually was working on Left Handed Wolf for the SD3 project myself a long time ago, but had to drop it because of life/computer issues. Looks like I got to contribute after all.
  10. Haha I figured as much, but it was worth a shot. No prob dude.
  11. Surprised no one has posted this one yet. Especially around 4:45. I think the gist of it is lots of fast hand percussion. And maybe african choirs like in Baba Yetu.
  12. Anybody got the songs backed up somewhere? I didn't have access to a computer with speakers until well after midnight.
  13. I'm not even a huge Tolkien nerd, but this trailer game me chills.
  14. Agreed about "OCRE MIX". That being said, I would buy the HELL out of this if it was on a t-shirt.
  15. Happy Wookie Life Day! But seriously, I'm surprised I haven't seen a Christmas thread yet (besides the album thread, but that doesn't count). You'd think everyone was spending this time with their families or something like that. Lame. So yeah, Jesus was symbolically born on this day so Santa could bring us presents. What kind of loot did ya'll get?
  16. They've actually stated that there is an official timeline, and only, like, 3 people have seen it.
  17. To my knowledge, Nintendo and Apple aren't supporters. Sony is, but not their gaming wing. This may have been posted already, but here is the Comprehensive List of SOPA Supporters.
  18. I'm just going to leave this right here, so we can get back to talking about SOPA. It has nothing to do with political parties. Money doesn't have a party. Republicans and Democrats alike are going to vote in favor of the people funding them... and the people funding them are people who want to make more money. Result? Bills like this get lots of votes because the fountain of cash funding our government wants them to do well.
  19. Hay guyse im 2 cool and all growd up 4 pokeman an nintindo cuz its 4 babiez
  20. I'll probably wind up buying both just to support the site, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of either design. Parodies of university shirts are painfully cliché at this point. I totally agree with Jillian's comment on page 1. Doesn't do much to spread the word. Just feels like an in-joke (not to say that I wouldn't buy a Nice Work Guy coffee mug or a $350 Hat, provided it was actually cheaper than $350.) The instrument one is better about spreading the word, but the design feels... uninspired.
  21. I'm calling it now. 2012 Game of the Year.
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