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WIP - My first remix - Ico: Castle In The Mist

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I'm a longtime fan of OCR and after years I got in the mood to try my very own. I've been composing for several, several years but this is the first time I've ever tried a game remix. As my victim I chose one of my favorite games, Ico. This remix is done with Reason 3.0


http://www.harlanwebsitedesign.com/brandongoins/music/Girl in the white dress (Unfinished).mp3

I just finished the basic composition and would appreciate any and all comments as I begin to work on polishing the arrangement, mixing, mastering, etc.

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I can't help but listen to it and get lost in that picture.

Something about this seems a little odd. Like... at the start of some measures (especially notable after the strings cut at the end), there's an odd, abrupt timing/release of something. I'm noticing it on the 4th and 8th (and slightly on the 6th) measure of the ending, and I might have noticed it elsewhere, but I can't really put my finger on it so easily elsewhere.

And I'm hearing that the original uses almost only hard plucks and stuff, but maybe you can squeeze more emotion out of more varied dynamics. I can hear either working, honestly, so that's totally your discretion. (edit: well, you do vary dynamics. not sure where i was coming from w/that)

Really like that piano sample (that you made?) and the way it's incorporated here. It engages.

really good stuff. if this is your first victim, i wouldn't mind if you kill em all.

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2:57, 3:01. The guitar is slightly late at the start of those measures, it seems. Maybe I've become overly sensitized to it since I noticed it, but I guess it's not really that significant. It just sounds kind of jerky? Like something is abruptly changing notes, or something... the downbeat is so accented that the odd timing is noticeable to me, I think.

Maybe I'm crazy. Then again, I probably am whether or not you or anyone hears this, lol.

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