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Streets of Rage 2: The Dirty Alien (Alien power rmx)


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Hey folks,

Got a dirty one for y'all. The source track is "Alien Power" from Streets of Rage 2. I was surprised this one hadn't be remixed already (unless I missed it?). Anyways, I never played streets of rage 2, but the music was pretty radtastic. I was going for a dirty electro sound here and I used alot of half-step breakdowns throughout. With this arrangement, the temptation to overmilk was strong, but my will was stronger, and thusly, a fairly nouveau sound was born. I'd love your feedback so give this one a listen with maximum volumez!

My Mix:


El Source:

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Hey dude, different from you I'm a great fan of Streets of Rage series

and I can say that you've made a great remix


and also can say that is a duty for you to play that game. It's a Dut.

Cheers and Kepp on it!

Glad you like it :<

And as well, I am glad you think it is ready for submission! I think I will make a few very small adjustments before I submit it. Nothing major though.

Actually, I just submitted another remix and in the rules it says that I cannot submit another one for 3 months, at least I think that's what it said; I'm too lazy to check it again right now :oops:

Hopefully I can get a few more listens on this one... the more ears the better!

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I never gave any attention to this track back then, it does sounds bad ass! well done!

Oh yea? Actually I only remember playing the SOR series at a buddies house when I was youngin... It wasn't a staple of my youth. But I heard this track being played on www.kohina.com and I thought I could turn it into some dirty filthy piece of grandeur...

anyways, glad you liked it! :nicework:

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