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Elec drum set question


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Hello community,

I just got my Alesia dm5 kit. Can I hook that up to my denon 4310 receiver, or will that damage my speakers? If so, how?

If not, should I get a sound card(what kind?) for my pc and hook it up that way? That would give me more options asi could also plug in my electric accoustic... Is there software for the pc that mimics garage band? I have a USB cord for my guitar that works beautifuly but I'd need to go through my pc (I know a mac works better for this sort of thing but it's not feasible to use for this)

Ok lots of ???? There but I think you know what I am going for....

Someone. please advise.... (sorry if this is messy used my iPhone)


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Ok I'm bumping this because although I don't post Often, when I do I usually get good info.

I'm guessing I got nothin either because I posted in the wrong section (if so I am sorry please tell me where to move) or I was confusing. Here is a more concise list of ?s

1)can you connect an electronic drum set or guitar straight into a sterio system without damaging components?

2)what is a good garage band esqeu software for the pc

3) would I need a good sound card to work with said software or using the USB cable like I do with my guitar to mac work just fine.

I'd like to be able to play and record multiple tracks with my guitar and drum set on my CPU


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