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    I don't think I can say that I have ever had a film experience like this in my life. I definetly IMAX'ed this one, as I do with any movie that has great potential to be a good movie, and have great effects. I knew it was in 3d, but the last few movies I saw that had 3d had select scenes where you put on your classes, and something popped off the screen at you and you went "ooh" and that was it. Pretty gimmicky. This movie uses 3d effects like they should be used. Instead of distracting from the movie, they immersed you into the incredible environment created by James Cameron. *minor Spoiler* When they had you in the cockpit of the jets, well I just never had the type of feeling in a movie like that before... Say what you want about the plot. I'm a plot guy. I hated movies like Transformers (especially the sequal) or generally any Michael Bay esque piece o' crap. This is not what Avatar is at all. It may not be the most original story, or sequencing. It might have been slightly predictable. hell it might have been Dances with wolves in the future on a different planet.... but to use that to call it a bad movie is like looking at a roller coaster and saying it sucks because you can stand on the ground and see every twist and turn and dip and drop, maybe you have even ridden on a few much like it. Thing is, get on that coaster and you are in for the ride of your life....
  2. Ok I'm bumping this because although I don't post Often, when I do I usually get good info. I'm guessing I got nothin either because I posted in the wrong section (if so I am sorry please tell me where to move) or I was confusing. Here is a more concise list of ?s 1)can you connect an electronic drum set or guitar straight into a sterio system without damaging components? 2)what is a good garage band esqeu software for the pc 3) would I need a good sound card to work with said software or using the USB cable like I do with my guitar to mac work just fine. I'd like to be able to play and record multiple tracks with my guitar and drum set on my CPU thanks!
  3. Hello community, I just got my Alesia dm5 kit. Can I hook that up to my denon 4310 receiver, or will that damage my speakers? If so, how? If not, should I get a sound card(what kind?) for my pc and hook it up that way? That would give me more options asi could also plug in my electric accoustic... Is there software for the pc that mimics garage band? I have a USB cord for my guitar that works beautifuly but I'd need to go through my pc (I know a mac works better for this sort of thing but it's not feasible to use for this) Ok lots of ???? There but I think you know what I am going for.... Someone. please advise.... (sorry if this is messy used my iPhone) Thanks!
  4. GH3 came out previous to it. IGN said that controller would work with Rock Band. Do more research before you post next time. Regardless, a game designed for two controllers should have a 2nd controller available on the market.
  5. I know that this has been mentioned, but it deserves further discussion imo because of the sheer absurdity of the situation: Do you realize that NO OTHER GUITAR CONTROLLER IN THE WORLD is compatible with the ps3 version of Rock Band. This would be ridiculas on it's own, but to compound the issue, STAND ALONE INSTRUMENTS ARE NOT FOR SALE UNTIL NEXT YEAR! Let's ponder what this means, a game that was designed and marketed around the idea of playing as a full band, giutar, base, drums and singer, is literally impossible as of now (unless you buy Two 200 dollar kits.... um yeah). The position of the designers is that it isn't there fault, they use open source bla bla bla, so apperently every other giutar periphial is to be blamed, not their game. Oh yeah, the 360 version is compatible with everything, which pretty much debunks the above defense. Someone on the Ps version of the game dropped the ball big time. The situation is just so stupid, and was so easily avoidable that I'm completely baffled. Oh yeah and the Rock Band Guitar sucks giant donkey dick, I can barely play through passages that I could have gotten through in my sleep on even the shittiest guitar hero controller. (i'm still having a blast with the drums though) : )
  6. Double taps are killer on that kick drum, but non the less half way through on hard and a fourth on expert. This is the most fun I've had playing a "video game" in a long time.
  7. Again, for me they feel spot on, except for solo's which aren't even close. I've only played a few hours and had some 200+ note streaks on Hard difficulty.
  8. I did calibrate the lag, and everything else is nice and tight. But when a solo starts, I hit a drum and there is a definite pause before the sound comes through. I'm finding ways to play ok solos anyways... Also, since this is a sound dilemma video lag wouldn't be the issue anyways... I had a lot of percussion but minimal drum set experience in the past, but i'm pretty sure you should rest your heel on the pedal and push with your toes, the double taps involve pressing the first one with the toes then using a bit of leg to get a rebound strike (sorry if that made no sense). My foot/ankle gets tired too because I'm out of practice. You will get past that.
  9. Havin a blast so far. Two concerns: The fill sections on the drum part are disappointing, with a noticeable pause between when you hit the drum to when the sound is made. Because of that, an actual rhythmic and musical fill is impossible, and those sections can really kill the flow of the song. The only solution I've found is just beating the drums as fast as possible, giving you a chaotic roll through that section. Doesn't sound horrible but I was hoping to learn how to do some real fills. Maybe a patch will come to solve that... Second thing, the GH3 controller isn't compatible, and that's fucking bullshit!!! I really thought it would be based on what I read leading up to the release. Since the two companies won't cooperate (why would they) we will be forced to buy yet another guitar controller to get the full rock band experience... ... that being the case, anyone know the best guitar that works with rock band out there? (ps3) I'm not crazy about the first party one that comes with the game, I want one like the GH3 model.
  10. So wait a minute, do you have to know someone's screen name to be able to find a match on Tekken 5, or can you just connect and play random people like most online ps3 games???
  11. Hmmm... I played the heck out of just about every Mario (Sunshine is the only one that comes to mind that I haven't played through)and I agree with most of the comments. Original had "floaty" physics, World was kind of "slick", Mario 3 is the tightest control wise. Seems to me that in every case though, it 'works'. The control seems to fit the game. That's just part of the reason that every Mario is great IMHO. I always liked World the best because of it's deeper level design, secret paths and such... but as far as control I really can't choose.
  12. This thread makes me happy, because I always thought I was one of the few people who appreciated Superstar's greatness! Talk about awesome game play, especially the co-op! Using the boomerang/sword thing was too awesome with your 3 hit combo and uppercut move (that made it's way into smash bros). Some of the level design was pretty deep as well, remember that treasure hunt level (there was always 1 I couldn't find) and of course the epic meta-knight scenario!!! I played this game for hours, several times through with my brother. Big win for this thread.
  13. What is the link for the new smash trailer?
  14. Well, the thread is 82 pages long, and I've read a lot of it, still havn't found the wave dash explenation. I did read the L-cancel one. If comeone could atleast explain what wavedashing is that would be good...
  15. Ok, can someone please be kind enough to explain what these advanced moves actually are? What does a "wavedash" do??? Iv'e been a huge fun of SSB since it came out, and was always good enough to beat anyone I know, but I never played in tournaments or became fanatical about it. Im just really curious about all these moves I did not know about...
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