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Cybernator- Arc Nova Vice


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I got myself an email yesterday that I've been waiting for for like, 3 months.

Alas, I have been shot down!

So, here's my first go at the track:


(source material for anyone unfamiliar with it:


To quote the rejection email, it apparently needed "a stronger, more varied beat", "some fuller instruments" and for me to "fix up the production some" before resubmitting it. There was also the big bold "sound quality (e.g. sample quality, sequencing, mixing, processing, recording) is poor." I'm in luck, though, because apparently "our workshop forum might be able to help."

That would be you guys, yes?

Thus, take two.


Since take one, I tried to make the percussion a bit more punchy and a wee bit more varied. I'll probably redo the different pattern at 1:17...that's starting to come off as awkward to me, the more I listen to it. Regarding "fuller instruments", I EQ'ed some of the stuff differently, pads and bass mostly. The bass and pads are also now layered affairs (had previously all been Omniphere, now there's an Alien 303 and Sylenth backup, respectively.) Yeah, I know, the one synth lead at 1:01 is a bit quieter now and could stand to use the same treatment.

So, uh, critique away, merry fellows.

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Its a great track, very nice. I'm just not a fan of the organ from 1:17 (good instrument but could be implemented a bit differently IMO, maybe slow it down to match the rest of the beat...?). Going on my MP3 material.

Uh...what? There is no organ in either of those tracks, and I don't know if you're getting the piano or one of the pads whizzing by there confused with one. I guess I assume the former.

Anyway, third take. Added much more treble to most of the instruments (I hadn't noticed I left the high end neglected), and brought the kick and such up a wee bit more.


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