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  1. This holds a lot of potential, I would recommend putting this back into the works - a solid piece can come out of this. If I could make a suggestion, its that at times there is too much going on at once.
  2. This is an amazing mix, kind of wish I could download it right now. Unfortunately I have no criticisms for you though:tomatoface:
  3. VERY NICE remix, is there anywhere I could download this remix?
  4. I really like this track, if I could say anything the echo effect is a little strong on this track but AMAZING nonetheless.
  5. Thanks Swann. Great improvement progressive, just being picky but I prefer the 3rd quarter to end of 2.0 but overall very impressive.
  6. Its a great track, very nice. I'm just not a fan of the organ from 1:17 (good instrument but could be implemented a bit differently IMO, maybe slow it down to match the rest of the beat...?). Going on my MP3 material.
  7. Hey, I've had v.2.0 for quite some time, I would like to hear 3.0 but I'm unable to download it from the sources given. Would you be able to re-upload it somewhere?
  8. Pretty impressive, the kicks seems a little strong and can overpower the track and I'm not a fan of the soccer whistle (starting at 1:58 ). Otherwise its good stuff and I'm putting this on my MP3. Looking forward to more revisions of this track.
  9. Its almost been a year since I first heard this track (5v1 and 5v2 back in December 2008 ) and they are still on my music to go list! Just recently added 5v5 to my entourage and I listen to these remixes frequently (Dire Dire Docks is one of my favorite songs by Koji Kondo), keep up the good work.
  10. I really like this song,ALOT. But in 5v2 I don't think that the voice sample should go beyond the build up in the middle. If it has to come back make it come back during the end.
  11. This has been one of my favorite tracks for a VERY long time, sometimes I play it before I go to bed, its just that soothing, great job!
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