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Electro (Electro house) style remixes??


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No doubt, I wish he'd come up here to Denver! Seems like he's ridiculously meticulous with his productions too, because that track is insane...jumping back and forth between sounds on a dime (see: Firepower).

Oh yea, I have his entire discography. The first track I heard by him was

Play Dub and I was entrigued. I have talked to him a little too. He is extremely inspired by the ed banger side of the music scene so he has a lot of french house/glitch house influences like justice and daft. He has quite a story behind him as well. And his new track about to be released is amazing as well.

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Push and Rise FTW!

Also Elctrixx's Tetris is amazing.

So much to hear and watch people dance to.

While we are on a temporary subject.

What about BT's come back album?

I hope its great.

Shoot, it'll be like 7 years since his last dance album.

Rose of Jericho came out dope.

I hope the rest is just as good if not better.

Then again, hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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