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  1. No wonder I recognized this track! I listen to this track on your album on Tidal.
  2. User name Hum4n After All All I ever do is ARAM. So if anybody is down hit me up. Also some of the Rotating Games. One For All, Poro King, and Hexakill. Not a fan of new Dominion.
  3. W is for Warhammer 40K: DoW 3 Super Bump.
  4. Any song from the series. Deserves love. If I had any talent I'd remix the whole soundtrack. Or start an album. First post in over 4 years.
  5. Holy shit its been years OCR. Just downloaded over 400 tracks over the past few days. I lost all my songs on my iPod years ago. Finally decided to download them all again. And newer tracks from the years I haven't been around. 

    Missed this place. Glad to be back.

  6. At least the fucking sync buttons are on the outside of the console and gamepad. Off topic Wreck It Ralph?! BOWSER!!! Robotnik! M. Bison!! Wanna see so bad! Hopefully more characters will be in the movie. Heroes.
  7. Oooh I could imagine. I'd assume he kept those sunglasses on the whole time. Wink wink. Staring at dat ass the whole time. Any pictures? Or not allowed? Speaking of Nic Cage. My little brother was also an extra for National Treasure 2. My mother was thinking of bringing her camera in case Cage was there, but she was like "He probably won't be there." She was right next to him.
  8. Exactly! My best friend and I were talking about that. How when we were kids playing with the toys and just wondering if a movie would ever happen.
  9. The movie blew my fucking face off! It was just absolutely perfect. Childhood came to life. Extremely satisfied. I was so awestruck and happy when all the shit went down and everybody was just fighting, that I started getting teary eyed. Water works of pure bliss. It was everything I had wished and hoped for. Joss Whedon did a bang up job. Oh let's not forget the amazing soundtrack! Alan Silvestri. He delivers! Loved the ending score. Just had that epic heroic sound and feel to it.
  10. That was a pretty cool song! Enjoyed listening to it.
  11. Battlefield 3's soundtrack was pretty good. I enjoy it and often listen to it. If anything the BF Main Theme deserves a ReMix eventually.
  12. The height of my image is 250 exact.

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