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OCR01974 - *YES* Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 'Trance Turnabout!'


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HOLD IT, everyone!

It's time for another submission!

We've been hard at work trying to remix Phoenix Wright for the past couple of days, and we're glad it turned out the way it did after a few consecutive throw-away's.

Some of the ideas we've gotten during the process were quite odd, to say the least! We haven't done a 5-in-1 remix in, well, ever. So we're happy with how it turned out so far!

We'll save specifics for after the mandatory things we've got to add!


Your ReMixer name:

Digital Element a.k.a. DigiE.

Your real names:

Maurice Willems & Sanjay Sampatsing.

Your email address:


Your User ID:


Additional details:

Name of game(s) arranged:

Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations.

Name of individual song(s) arranged

Court 2004. -

Examination 2004 -

Examination 2001 -

Cornered 2001 -

Finale/End 2001 -


0:00 - Court 2004

0:55 - Examination 2004

0:55 - Examination 2001 (Background)

1:20 - Examination 2001

1:48 - Court 2004

2:14 - Original piano solo

2:39 - Examination 2001

3:05 - Examination 2001 (Strings)

3:18 - Cornered 2001

5:04 - End 2001

Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.

Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney is easily one of our favorite game series in recent years, and we figured after all the enjoyment we got out of it

it was time to pay homage to it in the best way that we could. As such, we've remixed 5 tracks of two PW games (The original and the third) into one cohesive (we hope) remix.

We think it turned out rather well, as it was risky trying to break melody with something completely different at first, but it seems Capcom is sneakier than we thought because

most of the melodies flow through each other so well we couldn't help but extend our ideas even beyond it and include even more themes to the remix!

There's undoubtedly still a lot of other songs we wish we could've included in this song (Cornered 2004, Objection 2001/2004, Turnabout Sisters, and many more), but it's already gotten

a lot longer than we had originally planned for it to be, and some things sadly didn't work out as well as we had hoped. We also definitely would've wanted to do a little more with the END theme at the very end,

but didn't want to risk extending it to the point of making an end too difficult.

In the end, we're hoping you enjoy this remix!

And finally, the link to the track!

Link to Remix:


Remix Name:

Trance Turnabout!




Gotta love those artist breakdowns. It only speeds up the process, people, it's in your best interest to send them.

I thought about DPing this one but the piano ending was a weak spot. I think something brighter would have worked better there. But the first five minutes of this are awesome, it barely sounds like a medley. Best beat yet from these guys, excellent variation across the array of rising and falling instruments, perfect control over the song's pace. So good.


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Much love for the PW soundtrack from me- I kept waiting for the "OBJECTION" soundclip, and I was happy to hear it (which pretty much flies in the face of all my soundclip beliefs). It really doesn't feel like a medley, and though a lot of the samples are pretty expected trance ones, there are enough sonic surprises to make this an exciting track. The ending piano I thought was fine, And was an interesting and cool way to wind the track down.

no reason for me to HOLD IT on this one, I have no OBJECTIONs to this track at all.



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Hats off for that breakdown, much appreciated! Even if it's not as detailed as my own would be, it certainly speeds up the process. I really like the way the themes worked together here, no medley-itis at all! The arrangement was also personalized enough and never felt boring. I thought some of the instruments used were a bit weak, the twinklier synths for example, but that's more personal preference than anything. The production overall was tight but I would've liked a bit more meat in the lower frequencies. The piano during the ending was a bit weak, the panning and lack of humanization brought it down a bit. Nothing big though!

Overall this is a really solid track that'll surely please many Phoenix Wright fans in ways they didn't think were possible, nice work guys!


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I have no OBJECTIONs to this track at all.

You filthy hooker you, you stole my pun. WAY TO RUIN MAH CHRISTMAS VOTING SPREE :(

I keed, I keed :<

No really though, I wanted to use that pun

Alright, well, I have nothing new to add then at all. Great work fellas, I've been a long time fan. Back since I first heard the OMF mix. Keep it up, remix moar.


Honestly, I'd still say this is probably DP material despite the ending (which wasn't THAT bad or anything). Vinnie, re: manning the inbox:

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