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A Few New Projects on FL Studio 9


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I'm really new to mixing \ mastering but have been writing music for a while.


"Flash Man" is a remix of the flash man theme from megaman 2.

"Apocalypse Please" was inspired by the Muse song of the same title.

"Night Revamped" came out sounding the best, imo.

The other songs are completely original work, please give me critique \ advice!

Oh, and also, myspace music completely kills my quality, what's a good site to upload all my mp3's to?

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I recommend Dropbox for file uploading. That is everything you will ever need.

I'm listening to Night Revamped at the moment, and I kinda like the pseudo-chiptunism. The drums support that sort of, but at the same time they sound quite 80's. If I focus on them exclusively, I, for some reason, think of Axel Foley. I also notice some of the notes in the melody are off the grid, is this intentional? It kinda works I guess, but it's also a little distracting. The pause in 1:05 is a little too sudden, I'd try a lingering note or something, so that it's not totally silent. Also the jungle bass drum at ~1:20 onwards sounds a little out of place, I think the section does not need that or at least it should fade in.

Don't know if it's MySpace, the writing or my speakers, but at 01:50 the song sounds quite distorted and very muddy :( The outro is okay but the end drum pattern has too much bass drum notes and therefor sounds a little silly imo.

Apocalypse Please starts off pretty good I think, there's notable similarities to that previous song, but I like this more. Also the drumwork is tons better here and it sounds better too (better samples). The tuba (I guess?) was a good idea :D I love tuba. This song sounds a little carnivale near the end. I think it ended too suddenly but in overall I thought it was OK music. This deserved another listening, but Night Revamped should be, as title suggests, revamped.

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