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Phantasy Star 1 - Motavia (or Dungeon 1, or Dungeon 2)


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Calling all Sega fanboys...


For interested remixers, it's a request. For everyone else, it's a what-ho to point out a (few) solid track(s) you might not have. I ditched this idea a couple months ago - mainly because I decided the originals kicked sufficient ass that I didn't need to bother folks with remixing them - but recently thought 'what the hell, at least post the chiptunes and youtubes so folks who want to expand their collection of classic 8-bit tuneage can do so... and just maybe a remixer will dig on it'.

Because no on else has requested any of these three tracks. Because no decent remixes that I could find (on ocr, rts, dod, vgmix, or rpgamer) exist of any of these three tracks.

And because Motavia is driving and emotive as hell.


Motavia <-- the main topic of discussion/listening/remixing/oh-yeah-ing

Dungeon 1

Dungeon 2

Dungeon 1 (PS4 remake)

Dungeon 2 (PS4 remake)



PS4 (.vgz)


Motavia has been done in several different forms. In PS4, which starts on Motavia, it was transformed into milder, world-mappy and towny feels. In PS2, the responsible parties took the original tune and took a liquid shit on it and called it

. Well, at least the game was decent, which is more than can be said for PS3...

As to Dungeon 1 and Dungeon 2, it's personal preference as to which in-game version is better. The PS1 versions have the SMS sound, but the PS4 versions have additional layers. For remixing, one could use either version. For listening, I give it to the PS4 versions, but only barely. If you like one version, I encourage you to listen to the other.

And for those who know what a Mark III is, here are youtubes for the M3 versions of Motavia, Dungeon 1, and Dungeon 2.

There you go. Happy listening. Happy remixing?

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Well, at least the game was decent, which is more than can be said for PS3...


In all seriousness I want to second this thread! I absolutely love love love the Motavia and Dungeon 1 themes (The PS1 ost in general, really). And wanted to make more additions of sources in newer incarnations for the curious.

Phantasy Star Generation 1 (Phantasy Star PS2 remake)

Motavia <3


Dungeon 2

Dungeon 3

Tower (Dungeon 2 in original game)

Tower 2

Phantasy Star Generation 2 (Phantasy Star 2 PS2 remake)


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Calling all Sega fanboys...

...and fangirls.

Sorry about that!

No shame about the PS3 comment, though.

I half-expected PSG remakes to be posted, but I had only given them a cursory listen before. Thanks for adding the links! (and obliging me to listen to them!) They're definitely good re-invisionings, and if this is to be the definitive Motavia-Dungeon 1-Dungeon 2 request thread then they absolutely need to be here.

At any rate, yes, Bo was the freaking man.

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