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  1. Unfortunately I have no special Vivillons. Amphibious, your safari is Poison and the two pokemon in there now are Gloom and Ariados.
  2. I finally beat Pokemon X and can do the Friend Safari thing, but I have barely any codes. Would love to get moar. Ditto access would be pretty sweet too. I have a Fire Safari with Fletchinder, Larvesta, and Ponyta: 0963-0556-8066
  3. Loved the video and I'm really happy to see the song on OCR. It really deserves all the attention it can get. I can't stop listening to it.
  4. I keep meaning to post here, but then I don't because I seem to have some weird hangups about "self promotion" since I'm a dumb. Anyhoo I have a Deviantartz: http://otakatt.deviantart.com/ Also a Tumblrz: http://otakatt.tumblr.com/ I like doing character art and fan art and tend towards fantasy themes. Also D&D, because D&D. D&D character played by someone in the group in our upcoming campaign. Commission of Ariane, le KNGI mascot, from Kyle. Another of those confounded D&D images.
  5. This would be awesome. <3 Shining Force! I'm playing through Shining Force II atm and just beat Shining Force I the other night! They both have great soundtracks (SF1 is just a freaking earworm in general) which deserve moar love.
  6. WotL is definitely much easier to follow, but the slowdown during spells and summons could be a major turn off to some people. I know in my playthrough I was much less inclined to use awesome magic classes because of that. :\
  7. FFT isn't that complicated of a game. Really, nothing from 1-12 is that complicated. (I haven't played 13 and beyond so I can't comment on those) This is their first Final Fantasy experience, not their first gaming experience ever.
  8. I enjoyed what I was able to listen to. <3 And it was awesome that Hiouden got some well deserved props. I also really liked Darkesword's idea about the subforum. It's a pretty cool idea. If you guys wanna shorten the show then getting the questions beforehand is probably a good idea. (Though this seemed spontaneous so it running long is understandable)
  9. Nope. Vocals. Can't do Vocals. Didn't you know vocals don't belong in video game music? It's SUPPOSED to be boop beep boop! Just kidding. This is great. <3
  10. http://victorsopinion.blogspot.be/2013/07/anitas-sources.html Has anyone seen that yet? While it's not 100% proof that Anita has NOT played the games she critiques (I'm leaning towards she hasn't, myself...) it most definitely harms her credibility. Why not post sources? Not only does it look suspicious but citing sources is a BIG thing in academics. inb4sarkeesianapologists (Just to clarify, I'm not crapping on the dialogue going on in this thread - I'm crapping on Anita Sarkeesian since I believe she's a scammer, fraudulent, and generally sucky. )
  11. Once as a teen I was at a Gamestop and saw a Castlevania SoTN remix album called "Dracula X Remixes". I excitedly looked over it, contemplating if I wanted it. An employee then told me how he also had the album and how it was sooo great. So I got it. Most. Disappointing. Purchase. Ever. /random story But I haven't been harassed and I think GS experiences are just going to differ from store to store. Some employees are gonna be cool, some aren't. It's like any establishment you go to. And I can't take the argument from people about supporting game devs seriously anymore since those same people usually spring for the majority of their games during Steam Sales, thus not supporting devs as much as they could have, like they preach to others to do! I'm not saying buying during Steam Sales is bad/wrong, I just tire of preachy people who are kinda hypocritical.
  12. That shop. Is amazing. I am surprised about Gandhi's bloodlust though. I've read that the various leaders do have some degree of "personality" programmed into them. And Gandhi was about peace and ... stuff. Unless certain difficulties throw that out the window like "@#$% it, everyone wants you dead." Now I want to start a new game on the hardest difficulty just to see what happens...
  13. Gandhi is such a bum. He was my neighbor in my most recent game and he's all "OH HEY BUDDY KEEP GIVING ME FREE STUFF, K?" and I kept doing it because he was Gandhi and I didn't want him mad at me. But he stayed my friend through the whole thing, at least, and even declared war on the Arabian guy who was always a butt to me. So with his and William's help we stomped out Arabia. Still not as bad as Napoleon bumming 3000+ gold off me...
  14. I just crafted a badge and the coupon I got is only valid for a week. That seems really meeeeeh.
  15. I have an extra Skyrim card. ETA: And a Bioshock. Not like I'm gonna amass enough to craft another badge.
  16. I got to the last boss. Again. I thought I won this time. NOEP! *fetal position* *sob*
  17. That sounds like an *amazing* team. I've always, for whatever reason, been fond of the Dancer and without fail I have at least one girl with the dance ability~ I just wish Bards were actually useful. :s
  18. I haven't been able to nab the PSP one yet, unfortunately, so my comments were about the PS1 version. I didn't use many archers. I used a variety of people - I think including a lot of the prefab people. My experience just so happens to be that in playing FFT for the first time vs Tactics Ogre for the first time without utilizing glitches or "broken" mechanics I found Tactics Ogre to be harder. There's nothing really nonsensical about that. Other people's mileage may vary. One of my most, ah, interesting FFT experiences was playing with Ramza as a Black Mage/Calculator. Add in a dash of no regard for the lives of your teammates and you can cut through the baddies no problem.
  19. For those who do not like the idea of this patch they can, and this might be a novel concept, not play it. I don't understand sitting back going tsk tsk at those who DO enjoy it. Anyhoo, FFT was kinda tough the first time for me. Especially dat Wiegrief battle. But then the difficulty evaporated completely after Cid joined the party. x.x When I play the game now I use Agrias instead of him since I feel she's a more balanced and less cheap version of him. For the most part I don't struggle with the game except for certain parts. Like... that battle just before you free Reis of her curse, it's easy enough to just fight it out, but if you want the hidden items on the pillars... oy vey. Or dat Wiegrief battle. Depending on my Ramza build, that fight where he's separated from the party and has to fight Gafgarion is either really really easy, or makes me rip my hair out. As far as strategy games go though I've always found Tactics Ogre FAR more punishing.
  20. Still working on my Summer Getaway Badge. Have > Bioshock Infinite, Torchlight II Need > Kerbal Space Program, Reus, Skyrim
  21. Posting in a Final Fantasy debate thread. Different people like different FF games. That's okay. Some people wear the nostalgia glasses for the older games. That's also okay. Someone not liking your favorite of the series does not take anything away from you or the game. My favorite happens to be one that most seem to think is icky. I love the music from just about all of them. I've often wondered "Would I like Final Fantasy if the music was garbage?" and I'm not sure... I kinda think I wouldn't.
  22. More exposure for OCR is always a good thing. But at the risk of sounding like a scumbag I have to ask - is he monetizing the videos he plays OCR music in? If so is that okay? And just to put it out there I like TB and think he's a cool guy that doesn't afraid of anything. Just wondering if my understanding of the TOS of using OCR music for YT stuff is inaccurate.
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