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Zelda's Lullaby Remix


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Hello, this is my first post ever on these forums, I'm kind of a noob . . . XD

Anyway, I've been remixing for about five months now, and in that span of time I've made about 20 'remixes' if you can call them that, lol. . . I've submitted one of them already (which was a Legend of Zelda Title Theme mix) which I now realize was not fit for OCR at all (click here to download it incase you're curious: (http://www.4shared.com/account/file/192594739/ce4f2726/The_Legend_of_Zelda_Main_Theme.html))

^^That one I thought I did a good job on at first, but then I started to wander around the forums here and around the judges' decisions, and I realized that it just would not cut it, plain and simple. That inspired me to make a remix unlike any one I had ever made. Most of my stuff is alternative, and made with a combination of PianoRollComposer (crap program) and Audacity (and about 90% of them were from songs from the Pokemon series XD). But then I got Mixcraft.

With this one I went with a completely different style than I normally do, and I like how it came out. . . I think it might, just MIGHT be OCR material, but I'm not sure. . . Regardless, I'm still definitely going to submit it. It needs work before then, though, lol. . .I might work on the guitars a little more making them sound more realistic, and also I need to fix some buzzing going on near the end of the synth solo. I have about two weeks to do that, though, since I only submitted my first remix about a week ago, lol

Ok, sorry to bore you with all that crap, lmao. . . here is the download link:


I'm not quite sure what the genre is. . .it begins sounding like hip hop, then transforms into a rock-ish sound with guitars, then electronica with a synth solo. . . Hiprocktronica? lol

Please tell me what you think.


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Wow, you've come a long way since the last mix you submitted. In that respect, great job.

Alright to the remix:

This isn't too bad at all, but as far as holding the listener's interest it doesn't quite deliver. I really like the chord progression you've got going on, but at around 2:30 the bassline begins to get repetitive. As far the instrumentation, the guitar I think could stay synth if you beef it up a bit, but the piano should probably be played live. This is such a simple melody with even simpler left hand accompaniment that the easiest way to get the proper phrasing and feeling from the piece is by playing it yourself. It makes a huge difference.

I'd also say you need to bring this mix up to the next level by increasing the tempo a bit and adding some or all of the following: countermelodies, an original melody, or, my personal suggestion - vocals. You could easily lay some vocals over this track. It already sounds like it was made for them. You've even got a built-in instrumental solo at 1:52. Quality has to be high, though, as bad voices or cheesy lyrics can kill a song. Think about it and good luck!

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Hey, thanks for replying!

Do you think I could get someone to do vocals for me? XD I neither have the voice nor the technology to add vocals to the track, and the same goes for the piano. . . although I do think I could switch up the bassline a little bit, I see what you mean there (along with the repetetive piano). . .But I do however feel inclined to keep the guitars in there, I just need to find a way to make them more realistic. . .

Thank you very much for the encouraging feedback :lol:

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