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  1. hey look im in ur visitor msgz

  2. Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season at OCR! I just thought I would share something I have been working on for a while for my Youtube subscribers, and just recently finally finished. About a year ago I decided to take on the task of remastering (that is, importing MIDIs, replacing instruments, and mixing and mastering myself) every song for one of my favorite soundtracks, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team. Anyone who knows me here on OCR should know that, haha...plus I thought it would be good mixing practice. And finally after about a year, with plenty of life's impediments along the way, I've completed the project to a point where I"m satisfied with it! And since this is a community dedicated to the appreciation of video game music...well, I thought I'd post it here for anyone who might be interested. Even if you haven't played the game or listened to the music, I'm hoping you'll be able to enjoy it--such was my intention! To copy/paste the description from my : Click here to download the .zip! So there you have it...every track is there, with the exception of fanfares, SFX, and atmospheric/nontonal tracks. Hope you enjoy it! And have a happy New Year!
  3. To say something about the whole contest....I always enjoy these competitions just because they really get me thinking about how to mix up styles making so any remixes with the same source. I said the same thing about the RMRB back in 2011 and the WCRG in 2012. They've helped me become a better and more flexible remixer and musician Big thanks to SuperiorX for running such a great competition, and all the competitors for making the contest what it is and being such awesome people
  4. Wow. Pretty sweet matchup we got here HUGE HUGE thanks to Will the Rock Man for that RIDICULOUS guitar solo. Really made the track what it is. Also Lil Jon.
  5. Yeah honestly Aqua Planet is nuts. I had to heavily modify the melodies just to make it match the style I was going for lol... Best of luck
  6. I for one am outraged at the new automatic judging system. I spent at least 500 hours of my precious time arranging 'fuck.mp3,' so much time in fact that I forget what the song sounds like or what it was even a remix of. For those wondering, yes, that IS possible. Only to be NO'd by the JUDGANATOR. The new ARSE system is a no go. Somebody needs to do something about this.
  7. Mine is coming along pretty decent. Looking forward to an awesome final matchup, m'lady EDIT: Mine is done now and soon to be submitted!
  8. I can be your hero baby..... I can kiss away the pain....... I will stand by you foreve--:tomatoface::tomatoface: *shot*
  9. I'd be cool with that..These next two weeks are gonna be the last two weeks I'm remotely free to do anything haha, so it works for me
  10. Hey, am I allowed to give Pete a bit of extra time to complete his track? I would hate to advance to the finals by default... As for the time to mix (should Pete not be allowed to finish his track), I'm good for anything. EDIT: I'd like to give Pete by the end of today or tomorrow to finish his track, and if he doesn't have anything by then we'll start the final round then. Is that alright with you, Beth?
  11. For me it really all depends on how inspired I am (I'm extremely competitive, lol) and how well ideas flow for me... I've been fortunate enough throughout this compo to really not have any writers block at all so far, therefore I've been able to just kinda bang out my tracks in a few days. I remember I got some SERIOUS writers block in the Mega Man remix compo in 2011 against Prophetik in the semis. It led me to attempt dubstep for the very first time....wasn't pretty
  12. I hear you...this is the first week of the compo where I haven't had something IRL take up half my week hahaha... Although my 21st birthday is on Friday. That means in all likelihood I won't be even halfway functional come Saturday I have the bulk of mine done as of now, really just finishing touches to do now. Should be submitted either today or tomorrow
  13. Rhode Island here. Do I even need to name a town? (My profile says Virginia, I go to school in Norfolk)
  14. ...Whew. Submitting my mix currently! Now begins the spring break madness...
  15. Absolutely dude, most of us are still in that one chat and I believe you're still in it...if not I can add you back in

  16. why good morning sir. :)

  17. My mix is complete and rendering now (and taking like four hours to render at that....) I think you guys will like it . I'll try to vote on the Sonic matchups tomorrow as well.
  18. Managed to get the bulk of my mix done yesterday... Therex, curse you for picking a song with such a weird/all-over-the-place melody Planning to try to incorporate my own vocals into this though. We'll see
  19. Rendering mine out now. Hope you guys enjoy it! Il be voting later on today.
  20. Hey guys, I should have an entry in by the end of the day today. Didn't have that much time to work on it due to being out of town half the week, but I still think it's turning out pretty decent! (Btw I am alive! And I'll try to get to listen to all the Sonic entries today as well!)
  21. TheGuitahHeroe is fine :) I try to do my best to keep my two aliases seperate.

  22. My five: 1. Green Hill Zone (Sonic 1) 2. Death Egg Zone (Sonic and Knuckles) 3. Ice Cap Zone (Sonic 3) 3. Flying Battery Zone (Sonic and Knuckles) 4. Oil Ocean Zone (Sonic 2)
  23. TGH

    No, actually that one's not mine haha! I've been trying to figure out who subbed that one, I can't seem to find that title anywhere else on the web...

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