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Robo Trek (Chrono Trigger)


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Alright, I don't claim to be any sort of expert on dubstep (although it is a style of music that I do enjoy) but I'll try my hand at some constructive criticism here.


I like that billowing bass you use. Definitely heard that used in dubstep tracks before. The 'booting up' sequence at the beginning works for the most part although it seems a bit...sparse? For that matter, the entire A section of this track seems lacking. From what I've heard of dubstep, there's a lot of attention to atmosphere and your A section seems to be a bit too dry to really set the dark mood associated with the genre.

Furthermore, the drums don't really pack the punch necessary for a hard hitting dance track. This is something that can always be remedied in the mixing/mastering stage, but it's usually better to start off with strong samples rather than try and beef up weak ones later on. That snare crackle in particular has no pop to it, so it ends up sounding more like a splat. Especially at that fill and the following break, the drum samples don't hit as hard or as effectively as they should.

Now, in the B section (the arrangement section), everything sounds cluttered. You've got all these spacy sounds and samples just hitting constantly and continuously so there's no real point of attention for the listener (despite the lead playing the theme). Possibly building these layers of lasers and SFX up over a period of time behind the lead, so that the listener can discern what s/he is supposed to focus on. Also, that bass disappeared. You should incorporate that into the 'main' remix.


Less on this end. I didn't hear the earlier WIP you posted, but it sounds to me like you just tacked the theme on to the B section so people can make it out as a Robo remix. Possibly build hints and riffs from the theme into your A section to give the song cohesion. Since the bass from the A section is gone once the remix comes in, it seems like that whole first part was...unnecessary? I realize this is a very short WIP but hopefully this'll help you flesh it out more.

Good luck!

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