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Ghost Tower - Pokémon (Reb/Blue)

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It's times like this, I really do wish I could play more instruments. To me, this song has *AWESOME* potential for a great remix. Here's a link to the original tune, first...

Even now, I think it's still really creepy, even with such simple sound-assets. Like I said, tons of potential for creativity there, I think.

Now, if I were capable of producing the kind of sounds some of you guys can, I always thought it would be brilliant as a heavy-metal remix, with lots of "stops" and drums to wind it back in. Of course, you'd have to let the original .midi start the remix, just to have the creepy-vibe, but delve into something similar to "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse", albeit much slower. Plus, on those instances the music kind of "stops" with nothing but five little "beeps", let the original tune take over for a split second.

Lol, probably a little demanding for a request, but just wanted to give some input. Like I said, I can't really play anything except an old acoustic guitar (which I play by ear, can't read notes or tabs), so I'm just trying to get involed a bit ^_^

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