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  1. btw anyone looking to get more into chiptune style synths, it's incredibly easy to do using an Arduino and PWM type stuff.
  2. The triple red shell is literally the best item pickup in the game now.
  3. See, the cool thing about horns are their wide timbral spectrum. The variety of tones allows for an incredibly expressive performance; it's why we often have horn leads. Synthesizer leads generally strive for the same kind of effect - heck even guitarists go for a squeal at the peak of their solo.Not that this text is going to change your mind or anything.
  4. Yeah, that was incredible. Some of the best OCR jazz I've heard. btw, nice keys, kit and arrangement Wiesty, you're a talented guy.
  5. Same with my brother and me.Shit, that's brought it all back, that was such a good game mode.
  6. why don't you design your own waveforms in another program such as spear, then stick 'em in whatever chip software/hardware you have in mind? Alternatively, you could always sample off milkytracker and load it into your DAW's sampler, as that's all mt does anyway.
  7. Yeah, I prefer early Anamanaguchi too, there was something kinda rough and 'punk' about it.
  8. Yeah, it's probably the best VST chip solution, pretty convincing.
  9. It's perfect; an innovative blend of jazz harmony, funk rhythms, prog phrasing and pop melodies. I hate listening to it. I can't music like him.
  10. I don't know an Amiga sequencer to be honest- heck, I don't know a MOD sequencer, only trackers.
  11. I know, but I really don't think it's necessary (at all) for understanding music theory. There's a lot of symbology and needless formality to trawl through when learning theory through score alone. I've done the royal school of music grade system; it's bloated by historical practices and traditions.
  12. Score is basically musical shorthand and can be a needless confusion if you're just after learning practical music theory. The piano roll makes intervals obvious and identifying keys, chords and patterns much simpler, thanks to its intuitive, visual format.Try modulating a semitone from C to C# on score and modulating a semitone in MIDI and tell me which is easier.
  13. I stopped watching after Karen Gillan.
  14. I've noticed you can't have a 'HandJob', but you can have a Hand-Job'.
  15. Anyone else seeing what dirty names they can slip pass the filter?
  16. Though at that stage, if you could fully comprehend just how bad you really were, you'd never write anything.
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