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Rendered Project is Missing Tracks

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New to Studio, I have put together a couple of tunes only to find when I render the project there are tracks missing from the wav file. These are (tracks) channels created in the piano roll as well as live takes on the playlist. Both tunes have only 8 channels but in both cases 4 tracks don't show up in the final rendering. Also, no effects (FX) were used in the interest of saving CPU. I'm running XP sp3 w/ 1Gb ram. Extended memory (3Gb) virtual ram is also being used. Is this too wimpy a machine? Thanks for any input. PLR

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When you say that no FX were used, did you mute the FX channels or did you just not apply any plugins to them? On a slightly unrelated tip, you can go to the menu bar and go "Tools>Macros>Switch smart disable for all plugins" to save CPU (disables plugins when they're not being triggered).

Things to check for in your project:

1. The mute buttons on mixer tracks (little green dot: on, greyed out: muted). Make sure all of your mixer tracks are on. Obvious, but it couldn't hurt to check.

2. Check to see if "Split Mixer Tracks" is ticked in your export menu...If so, un-tick it.

3. Also in the export menu, make sure the depth/sampling interpolation at high quality. Also make sure "HQ for all plugins" and "Disable max poly" are ticked on.

There may be any number of conflicts within your playlist; cross-check the playlist blocks with their respective patterns, and check all your VSTi mute buttons as well. I'm not familiar with the playlist "Live" function, so the only help I can offer is outside of that. Hope this helps.

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