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  1. Heh, I added that riff mainly to lessen the chances of the judges saying "NO NEW MATERIAL; I GIVE IT A NO", but yeah.. it did turn out to be a pretty decent riff didn't it? EDIT: Nvm, I assumed you were talking about the melody that first appears @ about 0:58 . I suppose the word you were looking for (for 1:40) might be "jam" or something similar. xD Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed it! =)
  2. Hey, all! The maker of this remix is here once again to say thank you so much for all of your comments (including the criticisms about the phoniness of the samples: it's quite true). And thanks for helping me get them to label the correct tunes used too! I was wondering if it'd ever happen. =D And to Noir, zomg, that's awesome. I'd love to perform it with you some time live! Hehe. Very much obliged, everyone. =)
  3. Mia

    P.S. Re: my one remix, Secret Seashells, the songs remixed listed are House by the Bay, Outset Island (from Wind Waker), and Tal Tal Heights.

    Tal Tal Heights is wrong.

    The other two are basically correct..

    I think of Outset Island as Aryll's Theme, but it's the same theme and other remixes are already also classified as that.

    Though "Mabe Village" would be really more fitting than "House by the Bay". It's what the remix is mainly of.. and yes HbtBay IS a toned down version of the same theme, but there aren't other remixes already classified under either "Mabe Village" or "House by the Bay".

    I figure there's a lot to be done and this might be pretty trivial crap, but if you or anyone does change the songs remixed field for Secret Seashells, I'd say make it Mabe Village, Outset Island, and also included technically are When Link First Wakes, and Zelda's Lullaby.

    *exhales* Sorry for epic double post. Cheers. :-o

  4. Mia

    Hiya there, I hope you're the right person to talk to about this. Either way it's not very urgent or anything.

    I'm Miku. On my remixer page ( http://ocremix.org/artist/4583/miku ), one of the links is pointed at where my old Myspace used to be. I no longer have a Myspace. Now the link goes to some chick's page.

    Anyway, I'm sure people will realize it's not me and perhaps chuckle, but the link should probably be removed by whomever this concerns when they get a chance, if for no one else's sake but this.. imposter Miku! lol. Anyway.

    Have a wonderful today & tomorrow. Miku signing out.

  5. Is it in song mode (not pattern mode) and is everything on the playlist?
  6. Don't do that. Just practice scales until you know the keys well. Any shortcut you take will only ingrain bad habits.
  7. For TL;DR, skip to * below. Over the years, I always took pride in that long after the N64's time, while many people had sticky, loose, broken controllers, mine were still in great shape. Until recently in my life, I still had multiple good-working N64 controllers. I found a new girlfriend and our N64 collections merged. We moved a few times. We're down to like one of her now kinda good 1st party controllers and one of mine, also my fully-functioning but shitty as fuck 3rd party controller with stubby arms. Now we're in a living situation where a bunch of people are playing Nintendo 64, and
  8. If you really want to be ridiculous and roundabout, alter the pitch seperately after exporting (in Soundforge or something or even Edison), but before exporting, divide your project's BPM by (1+the % you're increasing the pitch by). e.g. bpm / 1.5 (33% slower) pitch * 1.5 (50% higher) = 50% higher, same speed To actually answer your question though.. if you like being able to quickly turn up the pitch of an entire project, you're probably SoL at least with FLStudio. For one thing, you'll never get the master pitch knob to affect audio clip tracks.
  9. Thank you for that. Those are perfectly logical reasons. To prophet, I've no qualms with this, with the fact that his using roman numerals may be not the best way to state it. But again, he added a clarification right after, in his initial post, naming all the chords in the sequence. Thus I fail to see how his post did not contain all the necessary information to communicate his progression and stand by the view that you were a bit needlessly pompous and harsh with him.
  10. And LA mix probably isn't gonna happen. Getting an upright piano moved in here at some point within the next month, but lord knows I can't find my god damn microphone stands and probably forgot most of my arrangement idea anyway. (though I did make notes...) But yeah, probably not gonna happen.
  11. This is where you're wrong, and where our disagreement lies. You treat functional harmony as a static, universal doctrine that dictates how and why certain chord structures sound appealing. This is incorrect. Functional harmony, and music theory in general, are post-incidental studies and ways of describing discussing or analyzing music that has been written. Theory is the study of music, and particularly its tendencies and progressions it has gone through, throughout history and in various cultures. A chord is not primitive or civilized. You suggested a way to make it more obviously lead t
  12. Guys, I just finished reading this thread, and.. Christ. I knew exactly what he meant. Technically incorrect or not, I don't get how you guys could not have understood. The chords played in my head as I read them. His numerals told me quite clearly what chord progression he was referring to. I wasn't wasting time obsessing over rote-learned music theory rules and ideologies. And prophet, you're like.. suggesting improvements to his progression and implying it to be primitive, basically. Your alternative, and it being better simply on the principle that it is closer to the functional harmo
  13. This one's being offered now for $20: http://www.cedarpc.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=1353 How's it compare with the one you recommended Dhsu? Just from blindly comparing numbers, I'm thinking it's worth it, but I'd like an opinion before I buy it.
  14. I was under the impression I have both PCI-E and PCI, though maybe I misread. http://emachines.com/support/product_support.html?cat=Desktops&subcat=T%20Series&model=T6410 http://www.computerpoweruser.com/editorial/article.asp?article=articles/archive/c0501/09c01b/09c01b.asp I definitely have PCI-E at least. And yeah, Dhsu, I've got 1gb in there atm. Betwixt 2 cards, and it's got 2 slots, so I'd need to be replacing one of them. Budget is whatever is good enough to be worth it for an amount small enough that I won't feel too guilty asking my girlfriend to pay for, lol. 25 is about rig
  15. I have an emachines computer with an Athlon 64 processor and the ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset. So I've been just using the integrated video from that. I'm looking to replace it with something not necessarily marvelously better, but just something used off of craigslist or such if it comes around. Just something that would have the upper hand simply in that it is an actual dedicated video card. This being said, I don't know anything about video really. For starters, I have this card available to me for $25: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8968067&st=graphics+card&type=p
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