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Battery discharging = battery draining?

The Damned

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One of my recent purchases has a new message that I didn't see before; namely, it says "battery discharging at __%".

The thing is, I don't recall seeing this before, and the number drops rather quickly, at about one percent ever two or so minutes. It was fully charged up (at 99%) and when I checked, it stated that with in fifteen minutes of completing its charge, it was down to 85%.

Looking it up, I see some formulas for discharge rates and some battery care tips, but nothing about is discharging is normal for a device.

It constantly shows the battery losing a percentage point every few minutes. With the lowest settings on everything to conserve battery power, it shouldn't be doing much more than one percent per hour.

I have to wonder if this is related to the new charger I got for it. Could it have somehow damaged the battery, or am I not understanding the difference between drain and discharge?

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