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  1. You know what? Screw you guys, I'm getting one of these now.
  2. How can so many people be so wrong...
  3. I'm currently in an argument with several friends over how I hold my mouse. They all say they use only two fingers on top of the mouse, and hold their ring finger on the side along with their pinky. I put my index on mouse left, middle over the wheel, and ring over mouse right button. I am now being called a monster and have been "doing it wrong" since I was about 8 years old. (For reference, I'm over 40 now). So, what the fuck? How do you other people hold your mouse?
  4. Why are Wii and Wii U combined? They offer different experiences and have different hardware. And yeah, the GameBoy, source of series like Kirby, Pokemon, and Wario, being left out seems odd.
  5. One school of thought is that is you have to ask, you have your answer. Another school is that you already answered yourself by joining. But it's summer, and school is out. Yeah, sure. Lots of talent pooled here, it's mostly just finding people that are free to collab and willing to invest the time. Just make sure anything you want to do is interesting and original.
  6. Spam account. I mean.. come on, the profile's link is literally a site for selling spare vehicle parts.

  7. Spam account.


    Same name, same profile picture, and it's just spam for investing.

  8. All the worry about exclusives to XBox, like that wasn't already a thing. Meanwhile, any Nintendo fan has been dealing with that for about 40 years now (Famicom in 1983). And I agree with the idea of "buy the system that has the games you want" because... that's how it's always been. There was never any reason for buying a console because it was made by a certain manufacturer. You bought that system because it had the games you wanted on it.
  9. https://www.ign.com/articles/xbox-activision-blizzard-buy-acquisition-acquired And Bobby Kotick gets to stay in charge! Win-Win for everyone! Except for all the staff that will be laid off for "financial stability". And the fans that will now se their favorite games become X-Box exclusive, after how many years of being multi-platform. And all the people that Kotick accuse of all the nasty stuff he allowed and personally did, as he now gets a cut of that buyout, making him even richer. But still! WIN-WIN!
  10. Sometimes... sometimes, a crime agaisnt life itself is created. Not this time. But just barely.
  11. Spam account.

    The website listed goes to a private Vietnamese armed security company.

    This account also appears on several other forums and sites with the same website and Vietnamese "interests" that is jsut a sales pitch for the security company.




    Please nuke spambot. From orbit.

    It's the only way to be sure.

  12. Spam account. Website is goes to a flash game.

  13. ... so, my plan for a 3DS/Wii eShop remix album isn't likely to be accepted then. Dang, we had an entire Mongolian throat singing crew lined up for the Summer 2013 theme.
  14. Well, that would indicate that there wasn't enough interest to keep going at it. If it's been over a decade and no one is willing to maintain it...
  15. Because this site is about remixing video game music? There are lots of anime remixes out there (Platina Jazz Anime Standards being the best. Fight me), it just isn't as big as video game remixing. I think that's because until probably around 2000 or so, anime was still mostly a Japan thing, as anime didn't start becoming more accessible and mainstream outside of Japan until then. Yes, I know lots of shows were localized around the world like AstroBoy and Saint Seiya, etc, but I'm not really counting those because... they weren't really identifiable as "anime" at the time, and were usually heavily edited and dubbed in the local language. I'm referring to Japanese audio, uncut and unlocalized stuff here.. So you have less exposure and knowledge of anime in general in a global sense, which compounds nicely with less exposure to anime music as well. Meanwhile, North America and Europe were exposed to video games with actual music in them from the mid 80s and on, and it grew in popularity and appeal, so more and more people were getting more and more of it stuck in their heads. It's a simple matter of exposure and scale compared to anime music. Then factor in that to organize and maintain a site for discussing, making and hosting all those remixes would require a lot of time money and effort. Think about how many remixes and remixers OCR has to deal with. Not do all that again for another type of remix community. OCRemix has been around for what... 20 years or so now? Feels like 20 years. You would have to do so much work to make an anime version of it, just to eve catch up.
  16. Yeah, so this is a spam account.

    While the name "jokertan" is used by several real accounts, mostly from Japan, there are a few that have the same lower-case spelling, and all tie together with a common signature link for instantonline-loan.com.

    They also share the same avatar pic of the Joker from Suicide Squad.

    https://stitchitintl.com/support-forum/activity/jokertan/  for example.
    https://www.ethicalhacker.net/members/jokertan/ same account, same blank content.
    https://spn.go.th/community/profile/jokertan/ here's one with the intact signature embedded with a link to that online loan site
    https://coalitionjournal2018.lmu.build/profile/jokertan/ oh look, the identical sig with link on a completely unrelated forum

    Please nuke spambot account.

  17. Well hello there, spam account!

    Osmile is a series of GPS trackers, sometimes used for keeping tabs on seniors that require more attention.

    It's also a line of soaker hose for lawn and gardens.

    Either way. Spam account.

  18. Missingno Tracks. But I might be a bit biased on that one.
  19. I could drive around town with the roof down, on a summer night, to this remix.
  20. My gift has been received before christmas, he was just enjoying it too much to say anything.
  21. Now for the gift I sent to arrive to the person I sent it to. Any day now. Any day.
  22. I assume the keychain is from you, Proph. If not... too late! Trinkets were a nice little customization in Borderlands 3, and should fit nicely with my totally not a Nerf gun Sandhawk sniper rifle and OH SHIT A RADIOACTIVE MONKEY!! SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT! (The Nerf gun is not a present, I jsut thought it would look cool with the vault logo on it)
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