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Remix Submissions Wanted for Upcoming Album

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Alright here is the deal. Ive started work on an album (2 actually). I really want to feature a bunch of people on it (which is what I did with my old album).

I'm basically looking for some people to make remixes (whatever style, as long as I end up liking it :P... no dubstep XD) of any of my original songs.

So here is a torrent with all my original songs in it

So a few things to note here. I'm not releasing these albums until September 2010, so there is lots of time, but I'm trying to get some of this stuff done early (so I can also be motivated). Also, these will most likely be free albums, so I wont be able to pay anybody. This is really just a way to get your name around through me, and so I can have some full albums full of awesome remixes.

Another thing. Most of the stuff you will encounter in this pack is somewhat different (I think). A lot of my original stuff is somewhat experimental in nature. Most of it borrows from trance, and other common electronica genres. Also, about half of the songs in there are extremely poor in mixing/mastering as they were made about 3 + years ago, so you'll have to excuse that. I'm really only putting them in there for melody sake.

Anyways, enjoy, and hopefully I'll get a few remixes out of this place XD.

Edit: Here are some links to the album info

Act II: Black -

Act II: White -

I also forgot to put this song in the torrent.

This is also elligible to be remixed (though there are already 2 001_tongue.gif)

Darker stuff will go on the black cd, and lighter/mellow stuff will go on the white cd.

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