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Platinum Life Remix!

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Greetings all, Alex Brandon here.

At Heatwave we're developing a new social Facebook game called Platinum Life: Web Edition. First, check out the game if you haven't already.

It is a really new direction for me musically as well as in terms of the scope of a game project. It is based on hip hop, and while I'm an old school hip hop fan I really haven't paid much attention to it since. There's definitely a lot of cool stuff out there, and a lot of stuff that isn't so cool.

Something tells me at least a few composers on OCR that writes hip hop / hip hop beats, and writes it well.

Thus, since our project is still in beta, we're soliciting beats from numerous sources, and this site and its denizens was one of the first that came to mind. The beats need to be anywhere between 30 seconds to 1 minute in length and have three segments, gradually increasing in intensity. An intro, a main beat, and a "super" beat, something that sounds more powerful than the main beat.

The details are:

We're not paying for these beats. Not because we're evil, but the project hasn't reached it's targets yet and until that happens we're on something of a "find creative ways to get content" situation.

What we ARE doing is providing credit and a means to buy the beat on the author's website.

I'll be totally up front here. If I were offered this sort of thing I'd take it for the exposure, but there'd also be a limit. I wouldn't want to do more than a few beats without payment. This is exactly what we expect. It is very easy to see such offers as this as extortion, and asking for anything for free is a risky and contentious proposition. So if this offends you in any way I apologize, and there's no obligation whatsoever, please feel free to turn up your nose. I'd definitely understand.

What IS cool is your music, your name, in front of a ton of Facebook users (and rising a lot daily), and seen in the same artist group as little known rappers like Ludacris. If this interests you please email me, my address is deliberately separated for spam purposes, but you know what goes where.

Thanks a lot for reading. I hope to hear from anyone interested!

abrandon -at- heatwave -dot- com.


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