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Huge OC ReMix Album


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A few years ago I downloaded a HUGE, like insanely huge folder of ocremix's.

It had music from just about everything in it, castlevania, megaman, final fantasy, the works.

I've been searching for it for a long time but I can't find it.

It had a ton of castlevania remix's in it and a lot of megaman.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about PLEASE tell me where I can find it.

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If you remembered any of the remixes' names, or had a short list of the songs remixed (i.e. 2 of this song from Castlevania, 3 of this song from Mega Man, 1 of this song from Donkey Kong) that'd help a great deal in figuring out which it was, because you could look up individual remixes and figure out, "Oh, hey, they were all in the first 1000 remixes" or something like that.

Might require an hour's work, but it'd be worth it.

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