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  1. Nice job on the HSR voices, I couldn't even tell them apart from the originals! Except at the end XD
  2. Hold on a sec.. OverCoat didn't you come up with the original composition in 2005? Which Blue123 later adapted? My bad on the demake comment! Still it would be cool to have more remixes.. the ones I've come across are mostly awesome but not enough of them. My favorite is Azureflux's "Hide and Seek" . There are some more on the Shimmie too.
  3. Sorry mate compared with the 2012 version of the track this is a demake. I concur that the soundtrack is great, it's probably what accounts for a lot of the game's affect (although people don't necessarily realize this). Although not sure if OCR admins would consider it a game considering how oldschool things tend to be around here. In the meantime YNBF is posting some decent stuff.
  4. would your last name happen to be glamgee

  5. You talking about the compilation torrents maybe? http://ocremix.org/torrents/ http://bt.ocremix.org/torrents/OverClocked_ReMix_OCR00001_to_OCR01000.torrent http://bt.ocremix.org/torrents/OverClocked_ReMix_OCR01001_to_OCR01900.torrent
  6. Just wondering if/when it will go up on OCR's torrents page. Been biding my time to download them all
  7. I think it'd be fun if someone remixed this catchy tune from Jumpstart 2nd Grade (1996 kid's educational game): "Science"
  8. Yes! Awesome! The original track was my favorite pump-up track from Aquaria, and this remix gets the blood going even faster without overdoing it. I also love the play on the original track name as displayed by the in-game jukebox: "Miniboss" =D Would love to see yet more Aquaria remixes!
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