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Splinter Cell: Conviction

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Hi OCR (Miss me?) didn't see a thread about the one Q4 game I'm most excited about this year so I made a thread about it.

So, Ubisoft is finally releasing a Splinter Cell: Conviction in three days. They dropped the Demo on LIVE awhile back, and I gotta say, I'm as giddy as a school girl. Playing the older entries in series was a blast, but it always boiled down to a lot of trial and error. So, I gotta say, I really dig the mark and execute system. It takes the pain out of the stealth game and boils it down to the elements I keep coming back for.

Sadly, with cash being such a rare drop for college student like myself, I'm gonna have to put this one off till the summer.

But what are your thoughts on this SC:C business?

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