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  1. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Grand Theft Auto 3. It's not best entry in the series but it's hard for me not to romanticize it. The jump from the original birds eye view of the series to full 3D completely changed the context of the franchise. Streets didn't end in roadblocks, nor did alleyways lead to any invisible walls. They converged upon other streets that led to more streets with buildings that may in fact have been actual places (maybe). Cars parked on the street weren't superfluous environmental ornaments. They were things, real THINGS that could be driven (Into the ocean). Pedestrians were unlimited, they were plentiful and they seemed like they were going to real places and do things. Killing them had a consequences. The simple act of casually locking onto pedestrian and executing them with a shotgun could spawn a series of events that played out at random, you weren't just playing through a car chase, you were creating one and determining it's outcome. It was a religious experience. The world changed after you played that game. I understand the criticisms that it's an overrated game in an overrated franchise. But that discussion skirts on discussing one's taste in games and their biases. For me, GTA3 oozes a succulent flavor that I crave when I play games. The game industry wouldn't be what it is now without it.
  2. I'm writing this here because I really don't know who to talk to about. I tried to send a private message to DJ Pretzel about this but I couldn't find his name in the user list. I know this is an odd request and it's going a few years back... I contributed the album art for the Dark Side of Phobos remix project. At the time I was nervous about sharing my name on the internet because I was 15 or 16 so I submitted my name under the pseudonym "Marco Rossi." Whenever I happen upon the project on Wikipedia I smack myself because a character from Metal Slug gets the credit for my one minor contribution to the project and I guess it kind of bugs me. I was wondering if it was possible for you guys to change the name from "Marco Rossi" to my real name, "David J. Firth" I can't really prove that I made the designs because that was 3 computers ago for me and at the time I had a "Portfolio? What's that?" sort of mentality. It's not a big deal, because as a design it's really flawed and it's not going in my professional portfolio, so I won't put up a fuss if you guys don't wanna hear me out. It's just a nostalgia thing but I would truly appreciate the effort.
  3. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/launch-trailer-splinter-cell/63840 Hi OCR (Miss me?) didn't see a thread about the one Q4 game I'm most excited about this year so I made a thread about it. So, Ubisoft is finally releasing a Splinter Cell: Conviction in three days. They dropped the Demo on LIVE awhile back, and I gotta say, I'm as giddy as a school girl. Playing the older entries in series was a blast, but it always boiled down to a lot of trial and error. So, I gotta say, I really dig the mark and execute system. It takes the pain out of the stealth game and boils it down to the elements I keep coming back for. Sadly, with cash being such a rare drop for college student like myself, I'm gonna have to put this one off till the summer. But what are your thoughts on this SC:C business?
  4. Don't Speak (I Came To Make A Bang) by the Eagles of Death Metal off of their Death By Sexy album.
  5. My god... What has the world come to?
  6. I hacked my start button, yo. It's the shit. Took me forever to get that pentagram to look just right.
  7. Oh my god... Chili Con Carnage just might be the greatest game ever made.
  8. Playing through The Warriors PSP port. My god, why couldn't they have made this sooner?! A definate must have 9.95858693/10!!!!1!!1!! kekeke
  9. Says the guy with the kingdom hearts sig.
  10. CIaude


    r tehy makin a game 4 dis movie? ZOMGZ taht wud b teh WIN!!!!1!!1
  11. CIaude


    Hey motherfuckers. I go to community college and I paid 10 dollars to post on this forum.So if there's anyone here who is qualified to properly judge this film, it's ME! >
  12. Am I the only aware of the 8-bit mini-game at the end of Me & My Katamari?
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