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  1. Sorry, real people of taste listen to Failure. Fantastic Planet being the best out of all of that album wise.
  2. Ugh, fucking power metal.
  3. I got bored and rented it from redbox. What the fuck is this shit? If I wanted to play Killer Instinct on XBox One, and get 1/8th of the content when the game comes out, I'd do that. The online is awful on ps4, sitting waiting on a match forever, no SP except a teaser story mode and poorly implemented survival. Way to manage to mess up everything all at one time Capcom, you truly outdid yourself in a special retarded kinda way. I felt ripped off out of 3 dollars on this just for the rental, and that never happens. Edit: Also, reading the stuff at gamefaqs forums is golden on this, most people think they way I do on this, but you have the hardcore EVO type that are trying to say casuals don't matter, offline is for chumps, wrar wrar wrar. Hilarious.
  4. Thought about getting this, then remembered "oh hey, you didn't give a shit about SF4." Also way to fuck over fans with no DLC worth a flying fuck in the CE either Capcom.
  5. I'm waiting on the new Lamb of God and new Fear Factory to hit. Both have had really solid samples posted on youtube.
  6. Wait has it been like, 10 years? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
  7. No one on the IRC channel years ago liked my 74 minute looped version of Bad Tuna. It was the best cd ever burnt.
  8. I really liked Fear Factory back in 98-99 when I used IRC, and my other user names were pretty awful.
  9. Sorry, I only classify music as "metal" or "not".
  10. Real men play on Excalibur, with the Somethingawful Goons. Just sayin.
  11. It's good to see that the pledges are rising here at the end. I pledged 250 a week ago or longer, and was worried it wasn't gonna make it.
  12. Everyone at cheapassgamer is up at arms right now over the xenoblade thing. Funny thing is, gamestop is basically doing what they do, but at a larger scale. And by that, I mean flipping a game to a demanding market to make more money off of it than they should have. Just kinda funny to see people get so devastated and butthurt over a practice they hold dear. But oh well, shoulda bought the game when it came out instead of sitting there saying "Herp derp I'll buy it when its $10, NO DEAL!" As you can guess I hate most CAGers.
  13. I actually ended up befriending the manager at the store near me over the course of the last 2 years. Great guy, and we actually ended up hanging out as friends, going to concerts etc. Unfortunately he told me the other day that he's moving about 200 miles away to take a youth pastor job, quitting his band, and such. Dude has been such a great friend and gamestop employee, that I'm giving him my Bioshock 1 Limited Edition, since he's been trying to find one forever. Point being, Gamestop employees are people too, and if you show them some decency, you might find a cool friend out of it, and some good deals too.
  14. Pledged my 130 bucks to this. Thanks for posting it.
  15. I'm out too. Site lost all meaning for me a long time ago. Adios.
  16. I never play on there cause 99% of the time, its completely empty when I'm online, and the 1% has random people that I don't know/don't like.
  17. I apparently lost my 3DS charger cable. So time to buy a cheap one from amazon just to download these.
  18. Amazon stated my CE should be here on the 16th. Bam!
  19. I thought that was just the Japanese and Europe list, and the NA list hasn't been announced yet.
  20. Who the fuck really thinks Wendy's is as good as Five Guys? Wendy's burgers are a fucking grease pit. At least at FG you get fresh cut fries and a burger that hasn't been sitting around since 11 am or cooked in 20 gallons of grease. Also, Mcribs are awesome. Fuck the haters on those too.
  21. Total dick move killing on Loot Island. Also seen pub people on other servers actually go pyro and sit at the top of the stairs killing people. Hope that doesn't happen on the OCR servers.
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