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Sonic 1 Green Hill Zone (Cynic Project remix)


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Say, I remember this...

Extended, eh? Nice! Glad to see this beyond the original version - I still have the 1:40 release sitting in my remix library.

I really love this mix. It's enough energy to be uplifting, yet not overwhelming. To me it maintains the feel of the original track, yet expounds on it like any great remix. Sometimes it's nice to hear a mix that takes a song in a totally new direction, but there's just something to appreciate about a mix that can balance faith and innovation like this.

Just the opinions of a musical layman, but I really got excited when I saw this topic, and am elated to hear more. Afraid I can't give more technical input, but I felt I had to say something in response to this. Excellent work, and one of the best Sonic mixes I've heard in a long while.

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