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  1. ... I am not entirely sure I've ever heard a better Wily remix, and yes, that includes the ubiquitous MM2 Castle 1 stage. This is downright, shockingly fantastic.
  2. ... Of all the illustrious badguys in videogame history, you put fricken' DONKEY KONG on the cover of the album? What madness, what insanity prompted you to -- *Listens to this particular track* ... Oh. That's why. Wow.
  3. Like the Joker, I remember hearing this on the WIP boards during construction. If memory serves, Nutritious was somewhat disparaging about this piece, so I'm both surprised and elated to see this see the light of day. Now I can finally replace the unfinished versions in my music library. Thanks BadAss: Boss Themes!
  4. http://soundcloud.com/necris-omega/sonic-3d-blast-ocremix-wip If this isn't it, lemme know and I'll take it down.
  5. Did you ever release a version of this aforementioned early remix? Somehow, someway, for some reason, I think I actually happen to have a copy of this laying around. "Blue Magic's Panic Attack" - about 3:08 minutes? My music library's a mess, though, with a lot of artist's names hacked off (or spliced in to differentiate when WIPs aren't far enough along to merit their own unique title), and there could have easily been a mix up on my part.
  6. Say, I remember this... Extended, eh? Nice! Glad to see this beyond the original version - I still have the 1:40 release sitting in my remix library. I really love this mix. It's enough energy to be uplifting, yet not overwhelming. To me it maintains the feel of the original track, yet expounds on it like any great remix. Sometimes it's nice to hear a mix that takes a song in a totally new direction, but there's just something to appreciate about a mix that can balance faith and innovation like this. Just the opinions of a musical layman, but I really got excited when I saw this topic, and am elated to hear more. Afraid I can't give more technical input, but I felt I had to say something in response to this. Excellent work, and one of the best Sonic mixes I've heard in a long while.
  7. I always loved the GI Joe series on the NES. Woefully underrated. Excellent work on this remix. Honestly, that you're able to pull off something this epic from so tiny a loop makes it all the more impressive.
  8. As much as I love a good boss remix, I think this falls short of its true potential. To me it sounds distant, I think it could use more arrangement. To me it sounds too much like you took two songs and glued them together a little too much. It's a tall order, but blending the two songs more throughout would make it seem more like a remix and less like a connective medley. Doing more with the guitar like how you did at the very end would possibly help make it more original as well. Yet, even while being very direct, it fails to capture one of the most integral points of the original (I'm listening to the SNES version, BTW) and that's the importance of the drums. The major drum portions like the early intro and at 2:06 are really high energy in the original, but they feel lacking here. A lot of work clearly went into this piece. It holds a great deal of potential. With some work, it could really be an awesome remix. But it just isn't there yet.
  9. Yeah, the drums and general percussion are pretty much the primary gripes here. It's a great take on the source, though. It'll need some more mixing later on, but that's later. This piece is still early, and you've plenty of time to hammer out the more deviant side, but you've got really firm footing on the original song here. There aren't enough remixes for LiveAlive... but that's what you get with so restricted a release.
  10. I really love this mix. I mean it. And I generally snub this genre. Some might say that the Gerudo Vally is overdone, but really, you have to admit it's just about the catchiest OoT tune in the game, so that really doesn't bother me. Sure, it makes the competition a bit heavier, but this one definitely makes the cut. My complaint is the ending. A mix this solid deserves a nice strong ending to bring it closure, and how this one ends... to me, it doesn't end. It just STOPS. It kinda feels like going on a cruise, but instead of getting off at port they just dump you off in the middle of the ocean. It's my one gripe about this mix, and as excellent as the rest of it is, the end is just so... I could go on with outrageous analogies rife with hyperbole, but I'll just leave it as, "I don't like it." Other than that, the blend of a traditional Mexican trumpet and guitar, classical piano, and modern synthed elements are subtly blended together like flavors of a good cup of coffee. Muy bien.
  11. Until you add more to the actual meat of this mix, the intro's gonna feel inordinantly long. Also, when you get to the main theme, the variation from the original is a bit much for my tastes.
  12. I've been looking for a particular tune from Gauntlet Legends for a while. Sure, the game wasn't stellar, but this particular track really struck a cord with me. It was the music played in the Fallen Cathedral, the level before facing off against Skorne for the first time, as well as the tune played when you overcome him the last time. A Remix of this track'd be awesome beyond awesome, but if I could so much as get an MP3 of the original, I'd be more than happy.
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