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Secret of Mana Remix-Flight Bound For The Unknown


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Did this for my Digital Art "Sound Art" Project. When my Prof compared it to Phillip Glass, I thought I should refine it more. Hence, it is here.

I took the base theme's midi, synthesized some sounds and put them into Audacity.

The structure is my own brand of chaos.

Note: The Decay of the Distorted Guitar at the end sounds tinny as crap, but I don't know how to fix it atm. I also don't own a guitar, know how to play one or know anyone who does for the simple solution.

I call it, "Riding The Lightning" for no reason whatsoever.


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Melody is basically unchanged from source.

Levels seem unbalanced: xylophone/melody waaaaay higher than baseline/drums.

Sounds like too much panning to the right.

Sounds better in parts where the bass ISN'T dropped out. The electric guitar cannot stand alone.

After a full listen, I'd say this is like 3 and a half tracks in one.

- The beginning is an oddly balanced replication of the source. If you changed its theme to perhaps focus on the xylophone/bass it might not mirror the original quite so much.

-The breakdown is too slow and exposed. I get the idea this is where experimentation enters into the song, but the only instrument that really keeps it tied together with the rest of the song is the xylophone. I'd think about nixing the spartan piano/drums intro to it. I think Drums, bass, xylophone, and a synth could combine to make a good remix with the arrangement ideas you have. The violin isn't a strong point.

-From around 3/4 through til the last 0:25 of the song, there's a good mix of multiple instruments doing their chaos thing. It's too busy, but fun. The electric guitar doesn't sound good that loud, though. Like the violin, it adds variety, but isn't of high quality.

-The ending is not pleasant at all. The electric guitar outtro is completely superfluous and overlong. It's nowhere near as fun as the rest of the song either.

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