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  1. Community, I need some help I am a Screenwriter by night and currently writing a screenplay about an eSports Tournament. Nothing fancy, just one of those Team Sports movies but the sport is a team eSport like Overwatch(With an asterisk in the script saying that the game & references can be changed to another game depending on what rights can be obtained.) Part of my writing method is that I compile a custom music playlist for each project I work on. Helps get my head in the right space at a moment's notice. But for this project I could use some help. What kind of tun
  2. Hazzah! You guys had my support for the old KS and you'll have it again for the new one.
  3. I've also seen the show already. In short, it is awesome in every way. According to the Track Team (the guys who did the Music) the soundtrack style was imagined as, "If China had developed Jazz in the 1920's". I can't wait to hear how far they take that because already know they go Chinese fricking Dixieland in the future... I think that part of the reason for the rare cheesy linse is the crew trying to figure out style, the tone and more importantly, their audience. They've stated that Korra is going to be a more mature show and I think the occasional cheesy line is a result of them figu
  4. 26,630 and counting. Alllll riiiiggghhhttt. *Head bob* Keep it up community!
  5. For me personally, Nobuo Uematsu's work in Video Game music sets the bar past, present and future. He is the man who made some music for games that said, "This is how it's done." There's a reason why the most popular sources of remixing on OCRemix is Uematsu's work. It's just that good.
  6. I was at the panel on Friday. It was Awesome!. I got to fist-pound Larry and expose my brother the ex-music major to what he has been missing. It was a good panel and a good weekend.
  7. Having just moved to Seattle Recently, I look forward to PAX and S-CON now because I can get to them easier. I'll definitely stop by the panel.
  8. Did this for my Digital Art "Sound Art" Project. When my Prof compared it to Phillip Glass, I thought I should refine it more. Hence, it is here. I took the base theme's midi, synthesized some sounds and put them into Audacity. The structure is my own brand of chaos. Note: The Decay of the Distorted Guitar at the end sounds tinny as crap, but I don't know how to fix it atm. I also don't own a guitar, know how to play one or know anyone who does for the simple solution. I call it, "Riding The Lightning" for no reason whatsoever.
  9. I am a complete newbie at music aside from my Digital Sound class last quarter and Jazz choir....6 years ago...(Frak, I feel old) But Frak it, I'm in.
  10. Since the last challenge, I've taken a digital sound class and in doing soo learned Tracktion, Garage Band and how to manipulate midis. This time, I'm in as a mixer.... But I'll have to use freeware to do it. ><
  11. The Shinra Electric Company is the BBEOrganization of FF7 but it is also just a company. Granted it is a Gibsonian "Megacorporation" having its hands in everything from lightbulbs to Real Estate (Beachfront and residential) to Medical Technology to freaking arheological digs. But, I wondered something earlier today: What kind of a Slogan to you give to a Company like that? How would you advirtise that company at all? That's why I'm here right now. This thread is not a competition(otherwise, it would be in the competition forums), it is just one of those threads that's supposed to go on f
  12. Happy Birthday, man. Hope your recovery is going well.
  13. Thanks. BTW, I know it's been done before, just not what I want do with it.
  14. I'm looking for a ticking clock sound. I'm working on a Chrono Trigger mix and I need that tick-tock pendulum.
  15. Update on JT: THe series on his trial with official excerpts is Hilarious.I watch a lot of comedy and it isn't half as good as JT. "I have a brain." "Objection" "Sustained." "Objection?" "YES!"
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