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Nario totally serves Dracula


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it's kind of hard to believe you're the same person after all the hilarious shit that happened on vgmix2

but I'm sincerely glad no one permanently scared you off :)

I don't know how I did it. I was so naive to the Internet as a whole back then. I feel like I've matured a lot since then, too!

Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb just sent a friend request to me on Facebook. Yes, not the other way around.

I love Giant Bomb and always have, but ever since they mentioned me on The Bombcast I can't stop thinking about how surreal it is. Ryan Davis said my name, and that's just so cool to be acknowledged by some of the coolest dudes ever in the Gaming Industry. Seriously.

With that said, I'm sharing this with Jeff Gerstman:

I hope he watches it. I would mean absolutely so much to me, you all have no idea.


In this video, I train to beat Super Mario Bros. with a dance pad. YOU MUST WATCH IT.

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