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"Nerdtape", a small mixtape show: tomorrow on Arecibo Radio (18:30 Eastern timezone)

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Hey guys,

So, ever since I put my ReMixing hobbie on hold, I decided to try my hands at other stuff. As Kyle before me, I joined Arecibo Radio (http://areciboradio.org/home.html) with a small mixtape show I call "Nerdtape". The first show will be tomorrow, 18:30 (Eastern Timezone) and I am invinting you all to listen.

Nerdtape is not a videogame music show (there are plenty of quality ones around, even on Arecibo itself). I WILL play videogame music sometimes, but the point is to play indie artists of all kind (along with some pretty mainstream ones). Nerdtape will also be pretty short: just 30 minutes long (I find it more... charming, this way).

So, if you happen to have the time tomorrow, tune in.

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Another Arecibo host from OCR? Nice!

*high five*

I'll do my best to catch the show!

Great! ^^

So far it's a roaming show: it's not integrated to the schedule but it leaves me with room to set my own dates. It hasn't been tested yet, n0c is basically testing it on me lol. If this especific time works alright, I could make it a weekly thing.

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