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  1. Hey guys, I just released two new tracks, you can check them out here. https://shykoi.bandcamp.com/album/p-i-n-k-l-e-m-o-n-a-d-e-2 Cheers!
  2. Hey guys. I finished a new track recently. I don;t know which link is best, so I will post both bandcamp and soundcloud. Cheers! https://caioferreira.bandcamp.com/track/bougie
  3. Thanks, man! Remember, tho: they are not real. Just like all our hopes and dreams...
  4. Haha thanks. If you can't make them sound real, at least make them sound silky, I always say. (I don't always say that.)
  5. Hey guys, I did this two track EP (single? compilation? I don't know what the official term should be here). It's called "fliperama". Hope you guys enjoy. https://caioferreira.bandcamp.com/album/fliperama Cheers!
  6. Hey guys, Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming out and I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a review/site/whatever that explains the differences between the PS3 x PS4 versions. So far, most reviews seem to naturally focus on the latest gen versions, but I am still trying to avoid buying a PS4 until next year. Does anyone know if the main difference is just lesser graphics? I also don't want to buy a version of the game with less content. Cheers!
  7. I'm getting a distinct "The Pains of Being Pure At Heart" vibe from this. Bandcamp?
  8. Yeah... They don't even shoot themselves in the head or randomly enter TVs... What's up with that...
  9. stop copying my taste benjamin or i will continue to copy your post style
  10. You think so? Personally, I get more of a SEGA racing feel. Damn I wanna play some Daytona now. Why isn't there a good Pokémon Kart game?
  11. Trust Shael and crew to cover Skyway in the style of anamanaguchi. Awesome.
  12. I had to shave just so I could be in the game.
  13. From what I understand, that sums it up.
  14. To every japanese out there. Way to go. You guys are warrior poets, really.
  15. People are talking about Domenech but it seems that Dunga is trying hard to go down the same road. God, Brazil had some pretty bad mannered coaches in the past but this is the first one who makes me feel kinda embarassed to watch. And I even like when Maradona makes fun of people...
  16. At first, I found it really strange that Egypt wasn't in the world cup, because they were the best african team as far as I was concerned. I have no idea what happened tough. But I agree with you on the fact that it is exciting to see teams such as Japan and Switzerland standing up to those whose uniform carries a ton of tradition, it will be curious to see these teams play the elimination rounds against an apathic England, a confused Italy, a unorganized Brazil and etc. That being said, I am not as worried about the game against Portugal then I was about the game against Ivory Coast. Unfortunately, I think Brazil plays best when a win is not actually critical.
  17. Not to mention we got our asses handed to us in terms of physical confrontations. Elano is probably not playing against Portugal, which is a shame cause Elano is a good player. But since there was a clear arm touch on the second goal (Luís Fabiano admited it on TV), I guess it kinda evens out in a very twisted way.
  18. Fishy is right. I blame the horns but I also think the structure of the World Cup is progressively forcing teams to play with such caution that scoring becomes a second or third priority (except for Maradona's Argentina, but Maradona is wonderfully insane). If you think about it, in the World Cup you can't suffer as many losses as you can on most national tournaments. And provided that nowadays, even if we have just a couple of excellent teams, the overall level of play is actually much more competitive(less bad teams, actually, almost no flat out bad teams from a tactical standpoint) "not losing" becomes more important then "winning". That's why we have such strong defensive teams, that's why we have such low scores, that's why this World Cup feels a little sluggish, I think. The result, is what in Brazil we call "Futebol Matemático" (mathematic soccer), a style of play that aimes for survival, that condemns offense, exuberance and all the beautiful but risky things that make soccer fun to watch. And yes, it is pretty awful. And the ball is fine, the one used in the last cup was much worse.
  19. If there was ever a song on OCR that deserved a crapload of comments, is this one. Indie funk that has just the right amount of roughness and skill. Waiting for the album to be shipped to Brazil sucks tough
  20. So, sometime back I made a thread about a mixtape show on Arecibo Radio. And while that's up and running, I recently made a blog to showcase small, thematic mixtapes of a variaty of artists (not unlike your regular podcast, but shorter and without any talking). Here's the address: www.nerdtape.blogspot.com So far there are two episodes alreay up, and both can be heard in a half an hour time. I hope people will dig it! (Mods, if I am out of line making a new thread intead of using the mentioned thread about the Arecibo Show, please fell free to... mod me!)
  21. Great! ^^ So far it's a roaming show: it's not integrated to the schedule but it leaves me with room to set my own dates. It hasn't been tested yet, n0c is basically testing it on me lol. If this especific time works alright, I could make it a weekly thing.
  22. Hey guys, So, ever since I put my ReMixing hobbie on hold, I decided to try my hands at other stuff. As Kyle before me, I joined Arecibo Radio (http://areciboradio.org/home.html) with a small mixtape show I call "Nerdtape". The first show will be tomorrow, 18:30 (Eastern Timezone) and I am invinting you all to listen. Nerdtape is not a videogame music show (there are plenty of quality ones around, even on Arecibo itself). I WILL play videogame music sometimes, but the point is to play indie artists of all kind (along with some pretty mainstream ones). Nerdtape will also be pretty short: just 30 minutes long (I find it more... charming, this way). So, if you happen to have the time tomorrow, tune in.
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