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Jet Force Gemini (!) - War of Goldwood


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There is no ReMix of this game yet on this site, therefore I took on the task to make that right. I've worked quite a bit on this one so far.

The style is pretty mixed and experimental and the song has quite a lot of elements to it. Is it too much? Does it need to be made more cohesive or does it work?

Thanks for listening :)

Themes ReMixed are: Character Select theme and Water Ruins.


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Update already. I realized the piano got kinda out dominated in the crescendo so i re-EQed that a bit, also I made the entrance to the crescendo to a base drop and prolonged it. I think it turned out better.



EDIT: One idea is after the crescendo fades out now put some more action orchestra stuff then put both electric guitar and orchestra togeather then short fade out with a bit shorter acoustic guitar part.

One of my friends listened to it and he said the beginning and middle was kick ass like he was getting ready for war, and then it was like he found out he liked boys. LOL.

So... shorten that down and put some more kick ass stuff in there? What do you think?

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Oddly enough, that end part with the acoustic guitar is my favourite part of the song - to the point where I think you could even discard everything before 2:29 and start the mix there. That's a great intro for something, why does it ennnnd there? I want more :D

Mixing isn't bad, but the first minute really begs for some bass frequencies, the snare needs more presence, and the hats have got way too much clout in the mid-frequency range and are too overpowering.

Can't wait to see where you go with this, JFG kicks ass :)

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Ok, thanks to The Radical Sifu, I decided to go a different turn with this and I made this into two ReMixes. One of starting with what is the outro in this song (a bit remade), thank you again Sifu for that idea. See the other thread for that song (I think it turned out great ;D).

I still think this one has potential to become something so I'm posting what I have on this revised version of "War of Goldwood". If you have any ideas for it I'd be happy to hear :).

so, BIG UPDATE: http://tindeck.com/listen/mppx

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