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  1. I'd say it's perfectly acceptable given the awesomeness of Robotaki and the amazing direction this song is taking.
  2. Thanks! Any comments from someone else? Mod? http://soundcloud.com/bohmaniac/jet-force-gemini-water-ruins-1
  3. Changed some stuff... shorter intro, some transition and volume change... and DarkSim provided some better strings in the end, thanks . I'm not sure if it's entirely finished but I give it a go for the mods. http://soundcloud.com/bohmaniac/jet-force-gemini-water-ruins-1
  4. Hello guys, I first applied with this remix a bit more than a year ago, but thankfully it was rejected for I have now changed pretty much the whole song but I don't feel it's quite done yet... http://soundcloud.com/bohmaniac/jet-force-gemini-water-ruins-1
  5. Nice to see this up, love the sweet and vobbly bass. Nice dynamics throughout and a catchy theme =) And thanks for the mention
  6. If you were a noob making this, wow then I expect your upcoming mixes to be total and utter kick-ass mastery
  7. I absolutely love 01:41. It sounds like some epic bad-ass sun is rising up, frantically heating up the earth and looking condescendingly on its inhabitants.
  8. This is one of my favorite songs on ocremix. It's simply kick-ass. You did a great job with it. Love the loud squirmy synth in the last crescendo, it really kicks the song up a few crazy steps. Keep it up man, I love your work.
  9. Yeaaah!! Really glad to finally see this posted! It's an eargasmic, energetic and somewhat spooky drum 'n base take on a highly addictive melody. The song is really quite visual in a way and that makes it more alive. Definately a track that you can put on repeat while kickstarting your homework session or if you need to do some rapid house cleaning. Thanks for the mention btw
  10. Some really kick-ass synths in here. You sure did rock, will rock
  11. Cool. I'm working on it. Should I PM you on the 20th (I remember your box is full...?), or how do I send you my WIP? Or you could accept my facebook add/add me again. That'd make me eternally grateful oooOOoooOoohhh . First name Emil. Last Bohman. And yes that is Swedish.
  12. 00:00 - 00:20 good start... perhaps try do something a bit more interesting with the high-pad tho? First swoosh - use something a bit lighter imo, it's a bit too dominant. Different swoosh. 00:30 - 01:00 is niiiice. Nice ambient-ish harmonies filling up the stereo space. 01:00 Like the entrance of a deeper base. Pecussion should be changed up here though I think. Make it more of a drop and less of the very high-end percussion. 01:35 i'd say remove this part as it merely makes the song more repetitive and it delays the crescendo which is already late as it is. I think the crescendo should be entered after the drop for a bigger effect. 02:18 - 02:34 remove this part too. Move directly into 02:34 after the crescendo before. 02:34 Use different percussion as this part is so different from the rest of the song and using the same percussion here kidna blurs the contrast. Everything else is very good, you're onto something here. Ending and transition into ending was especially neat. Although that last swoosh felt kinda lost in the mix.
  13. Yeah sure but something needs to happen. Either a drop into something more progressive or some creative ambience stuff preferably accompaigned by some percussion as well for some drive at least. Having the same energy level throughout works for very few songs and puts high demand on sound design and creative ingredients. The track you linked to... I can see the influence. I don't like it either . It's a weird piece of soundwaves from -79
  14. It is a bit too plain and indynamic. Some cool sounds but arrangement-wise nothing creative is really done. And the pads coming in half-way were going on way long and I was expecting the pads to be some sort of build up to something a bit more progressive. Shorten the first part of the song a bit and make that a chill trippyish intro and then go into something more prog. psychedelic imo. This is a bit too boring I'm afraid.
  15. Wow this track is bloody amazing. You rarely see so much creativity in one track. Experimental, electronic and percussive and dynamics are great! Any more of this plz? Bands etc, or perhaps any of the artists original work. Recommendations are welcome.
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