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  1. Hi folks, Been ages since I posted anything! Mostly because I've been making just awful rubbish lately. But I finally managed to make something I do actually like! https://soundcloud.com/mike-laraman/space-noodles I did this in a 24hour music session for no reason at all! Feedback welcome Thank youuuuu! xx
  2. Yes, I've been told that the track could use 'more wubs'... I'll bear that in mind for my next foray into dubstep Thanks for the comments re the snare and bass. Any idea what the 'something' might be that the bass is lacking? Not sure what I need to do to improve that. Thanks for listening!
  3. Zero feedback on the WIP, oh well... went ahead and finished it up anyway, this is the final version Hope you enjoy it...
  4. Hey hey, been working on a little dubsteppy/brosteppy track lately that I'd love some feedback on. The mixing isn't finalised and it's half done, but any constructive comments? I really like how this one is coming together, I generally think I pretty much suck at dubstep. I'll own up right now and say that it follows some dubstep conventions, I'm enjoying being okay with that [link removed, see below for final version] Thank youuuuu Mike
  5. Very happy to see Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire on OCR!! I've been humming their Magnet Man song for about a year >.<
  6. Oh, well... constructive comments did not seem to be forthcoming, so I went with my gut, finished it up and uploaded it http://soundcloud.com/the-radical-sifu/dr-dre-feat-skylar-grey-i-need Any issues with it... TOO BAD! I don't care any more
  7. This is delicious! Can I get a download link anywhere?? This is fresh as hell I hope the title is an allusion to Master Of The Flying Guillotine? I love that movie edit: n/m, I found it... I'm slow
  8. Heyy again guys, here's a new version! Mostly just needs an ending and maybe a few extra glitch effects n' stuff. I've boosted the bass and played around with a lot of the sounds to make it punch harder in general http://www.chaffcitycomic.com/ineedadoctor_wip2.mp3 Feedback hugely appreciated before I wrap it up!!!
  9. Thanks buddy! I'll see if I can get that bass up in future iterations of the mix.
  10. Hey guys, here's something I've been working on lately, a little bootleg remix with some funk/hiphop/dub/glitch stuff in it. It's nowhere near completion but it could sure use some feedback if anyone would be so kind?? Thank youuuu (It might be terrible, I'm not sure) UPADTE 11/10/11: it's finished, here's the link http://soundcloud.com/the-radical-sifu/dr-dre-feat-skylar-grey-i-need
  11. Just a quick update to say that I just found out... I WON THE FREAKING COMPETITION 8O8-O8-O8-O OH. MY. GOD
  12. I like this! The choir sound is really nice and warm in particular. I actually think this might benefit from being extended; I think you could take the idea further. It kind of sounds like the whole thing is an intro to something, at least to me. But either way, sounds nice!
  13. http://soundcloud.com/the-radical-sifu/rizzle-kicks-down-with-the ( original: )The band were running a remix contest, so I submitted this the other day. I'm not good enough to win but it was fun anyway. What do you guys reckon? There's a few things I'm not happy with but yeah... I hate deadlines I've never really done anything with sample cutup/glitch effects before so I was basically making this up as I went along.
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