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Ecco the Dolphin

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I swore I'd never do this: registering for a site just to instantaneously start a thread. But here we go...

I was wondering if any consideration had ever been given to an album (project) based on the "Ecco the Dolphin" (the original Sega Genesis game) soundtrack.

I've downloaded all of the remixes, and there are a few "Ecco" songs. I've looked though this forum and the project forum and found nothing.

I've always considered the music from "Ecco the Dolphin" to be among the best ever heard on the Genesis, so I was fairly surprised to see that not much has been done with it.

Thanks in advance for any consideration or information.


I probably should have made this the first line in the post:

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I have thought the exact same thing.

There are only a few ecco remixes available, but they have massively high 'success' rate for me - which shows you how good the source material is.

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