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  1. Four months goes by and no one pipes up about how awesome this is? Well... *clears throat* it's Roetaka. You know it's going to be worth a listen. Just the sort of thing to stop you when going down the youtube playlist before you know who it is. It's got an Oh Death vibe but with a full orchestra. Yeah.
  2. It's 2020 and this still holds up. Sometimes you just gotta hear that Derelict Machine.
  3. I'm going to disagree with 'youtube guy'. In fact, I spent years searching for THE Aquatic Ambience track before Zisotto finally stepped up to the plate. Disco Dan's was good, but ... different. In fact, this mix is close enough to Blind's version that I don't feel the need to keep it. I do look forward to other tracks from the OST, but I have no preference as to the order; it's all good. Dani, since it's your first post you might want to check out Gray Lightning's Voices of the Temple (missed greatly) or Prophecy's Chekan Winter (very DK1).
  4. Looks like YoshiBlade has out done himself. I finally have a capstone DK2 mix. I'm not talking about quintessential DK2 (Tricky Swamp!). No, I'm talking about the mix that goes beyond the game. The one you could loop for an hour and be glad you did it (totally serious). That's this remix. I love how the start tape sound and end tape sound are timed perfectly, on repeat. I'd also like to say that I don't find Stickerbush Symphony to be a town bicycle or anything. Sure its in the top 50, but not the top 25. Of the pure ones I only had the DnB and piano version, both rather far from the original feel, in my opinion. So thanks for trying what others have already tried before, YB. You've certainly put yourself on the map with this one.
  5. Challenge accepted. I've been looking for "the" Aquatic Ambiance remix for uh, a decade now and just gave up. This was the one tune that was just so good (so chill!) in the original that no one could fully top it for me. And then this came out. So, yes I can handle it ... even during a gentle rain under a tin roof in a lush forest, on loop. That's the new challenge. Who wants to be the second person to take it on?
  6. " I know you're not serious. You can't be serious. My mouth hung open for minutes after the first time I listened. This is one of the best pieces OC Remix has ever produced. Think "Drift" or "Jade Catacombs" or "Zeal Feels Good." Yeah. This is right up there. And I've listened to all of it. Since the beginning. "

    • "Oooooh shit, my Zeal track was just compared to one of MY personal favorites on the site (dat Catacombs track). This pleases me. ;)"

    I meant it. I forgot you were a Judge at the time I wrote that. Good job. 


    I don't post very often on the forums, but when I do:



  7. I know you're not serious. You can't be serious. My mouth hung open for minutes after the first time I listened. This is one of the best pieces OC Remix has ever produced. Think "Drift" or "Jade Catacombs" or "Zeal Feels Good." Yeah. This is right up there. And I've listened to all of it. Since the beginning. And I hate 90 some percent of the songs with lyrics on here. But you broke the mold in a way I'd put right up there with "Under Construction". Granted, the production wasn't as clean, but you have something it doesn't: power. So don't use words like "garbage musician". Everyone here knows better than that. Well, maybe not those who had never heard of pitch-correction before "auto-tune", but those of use in the know were long aware that nothing gets put on the radio that hasn't been adjusted. Ignore the dumb gawkers. They aren't who you make real music for anyways. This song is a classic example of doing something totally right and your lessers missing the point. I find this actually happens quite a lot in life, but that people are trained to not draw attention to it. I will concede that I do think this needs some editing to tie something as fresh as "On The Run." Specifically, A) 1:05-1:10 B ) 2:22-2:24 C) 2:49-2:50, D) 3:11-3:16 E) 4:55-4:56 For those who are thorough, they will notice that all but one of those points of weakness are in the straight vocals. That's right. This piece needs more auto tune, not less. D) is the only instrumental criticism. The turn doesn't fit the piece. I feel it was vocally driven. Had there been less vocalization and it was more synthesized here, this might have been avoided. If you wanted to address these points in an updated version, I would be honored. I'll say that the climax is right where it should be (starting 3:53), when the theme restarts and the auto-tune is used most heavily. DrumUltimA, I knew your handle before, but now I'll be paying far closer attention to it, especially when you go outside your percussion comfort zone as you have done here. Please don't be afraid to again. I beg you. Ironically, I don't recognize anyone else in this thread besides the first 3 posters. So everyone else can put up or ... you know the rest.
  8. I approve of the fact this was not labeled as QFG1 Also this game has a long soundtrack. Why are only 3 tunes listed?
  9. Why was this reposted? Speed of sound came out a while ago. Size and bitrate are the only differences besides some small waveform change. Is this one is supposed to be superior quality or just same but smaller?
  10. What are the changes to this version? I still had the version of this from September of last year, but it looks the exact same...
  11. , specifically the first 39 seconds.It sounds way worse on the SNES, so I never realized this gem was there. What does everything think? I'd do it myself, but although I have the creativity and musical talent I lack the software.
  12. I have thought the exact same thing. There are only a few ecco remixes available, but they have massively high 'success' rate for me - which shows you how good the source material is.
  13. I MUST know what the 'lyrics' are in the beginning. Does anyone know?
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