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Free R4 Sounds [Update: Nylon Guitar Coming Soon, Requires Triple Guitars]

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I'm going to release these two things here for free. I do think that you will be pleasantly surprised. I may release more here at another time.

1. Performance Quartet

MP3 Demo (Youtube)

Download - Broken Download Right Now -

2. Performance Orchestra

MP3 Demo (Youtube)

Download - Broken Download Right Now -


- All tracks are meant to be played with your keyboard.

- There are many more, and depending on interest I may release them here.

Thanks for downloading, thanks for trying these out.

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Rock Template 4.0

MP3 Demo (Youtube)


- No Real Guitars

- Custom drums, round robin x2 or higher on all drums.

- Each part, as usual, is performance ready. Just play your keyboard and go. With this one, however, you have to play the guitar tracks multiple times (layering the same part) to get a good sound.

Notes: The drums require Reality Drums (Sonic Refills), but if you don't have them you could just add your own.

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