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  1. OH WOW, now it makes sense, especially now that I'm listening to it with my sub plugged in! That's rad dude! Are you planning on adding drums to the mix?
  2. No problem! Ah, of course. That makes perfect sense! Shame on myself for not realizing that there were parallel 5ths going on
  3. Nice chops! Not sure what this is from, but I'm sure the chaotic nature of "bunch of cool riffs stuck together" had something to do with the game. I didn't notice a his probably because my speakers already his as it is. One question though...why didn't you just turn off your TV?
  4. http://tindeck.com/listen/ybhq Offered it up for the "Flat Notes" project. What does the general public think? The only thing I'm flimsy about is the fade-out ending, and not knowing what the true panning setup sounds like (waiting on a paycheck = new headphones). So I was thinking about tagging the last two bars of the B section to end it, but at the same time I kind of like the fade out. Anyway... THOUGHTS?!
  5. Less vocal/SFX, Version 2 I removed the SFX and SOME of the speech. I like the ones I saved for transitional purposes and to help make this a bit of a drama as well as a remix. And by second half you mean the bridge...yes, it doesn't exist in the original track. However, the chord changes are loosely based off the boss battle and the "Knuckles Beat" plays on in the background, and I feel it somewhat fits the "Sonic the Hedgehog" idiom!
  6. Took a stab at Goomba Village. I'll PM you the nearly-finished WIP once I upload it!
  7. It sounds good! A nice departure from the original material. A few tips: 1. The "whining" instrument playing the lead melody should be louder, "closer to the front." Whenever it plays it's as if the accompaniment steals the show. 2. To what extent have you EQ'd the track? It feels as though the bass and the kick are fighting for a frequency range. Maybe pan the drums a bit away from the bass or EQ them independently of each other in their appropriate ranges. 3. It's a pretty nice sound overall, but it needs some more UMF. Drum fills, harmonies, or some rhythmic variation to the melody will help develop that. A good place for a nice strong fill in this would be right before that "whining" instrument comes in. And for harmony, why not have the piano and the "whining" instrument play the main melody at the end of the song? That may also provide you with some new momentum the end the piece. Also on the harmony, don't think you need to do 5ths, 3rds, etc...an octave "harmony" may be all you need! I hope this helps!
  8. Well I'm certainly interested. When is this party going to start?
  9. Source: Remix: http://tindeck.com/listen/ehiz It's a funk/jazz remix of the Knuckles Theme & Act 1 Boss Theme from Sonic 3. It's mostly unmixed and unpanned so far because I lost my headphones. Once I buy a new, better pair I'll EQ it moreso! My main concern is the voices and sfx. They do create sort of a story to go along with the music, but I've come accustomed to hearing them with the song and can't quite tell if they are annoying or not. Anyway, let me know what yall think, and thanks!
  10. http://www.indabamusic.com/songs/show/757544 Tell me what you think! I've always loved Koji Kondo and his Bowser themes...this particular song is sort of reminiscent of Bowser's Paper Mario themes. Enjoy
  11. Play piano at all? The idea is to have reach and arc. It takes a long time to get used to this, but the preferred hand position for guitar riffing is to have your thumb resting on the middle of the back of the neck. Some guitars have a line drawn on the middle for a guide. Anyway, your thumb should be perpendicular to the neck, and your four fingers, when resting on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th frets (as if your were about to play a chromatic excercise), should be parallel to the neck. It'll feel uncomfortable and weird at first, but once you've mastered the position you'll find that you have a lot more control, speed, and reach.
  12. I like the way you think. And it looks like R5 has got audio in with a nifty autotune type thing. It's called Neptune...I'm sort of disappointed that it's not called ReTune xD I think most people probably hated R4 at first. I basically went from Garage Band and Orion Platinum to R4 and I thought it was the biggest piece of bullshit I ever saw. But after crunching some deadlines for some projects in my Music Tech class, I realized, "Wow...Reason is fucking awesome!" And now I can sketch songs out everyday, quickly AND easily. It just takes some time. And Reason+Live=God.
  13. If you spend a lot of time with Reason and Live, you'll find that they are a killer combination. I'm a music technology major at Bellarmine University, and those two programs were the focus of the spring semester. At first I HATED Reason, I absolutely HATED it. But now I use it nearly everyday...I'm in love with it! Live seems really complicated at first, but you'll find out that it makes arranging and recording tracks very easy and very accurate, especially if you don't have a good audio interface and your dealing with recording delay, because moving your recorded audio to be on time with the rest of your audio is no hassle at all compared to other programs I've used for that, such as Acid. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here, but I feel like Reason and Live didn't get enough recognition here xD
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