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  1. Hey there guys, Here's the Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall Theme on Piano. Thanks for having a listen. : ) Daggerfall Theme on Piano: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwYa5sWh5Tc I've also done the Morrowind Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZu-XiFBLss Thanks, Mark
  2. Here is what I have for the boss music from Final Fantasy XV, a cover/re-orchestration of what was actually in the E3 gameplay footage. There is an mp3 download within the description:
  3. This is a half cover of the Final Fantasy 15 Trailer music: Thanks for listening. You can find the mp3 in the description of the vid.
  4. Well this honestly isn't that good, but here it is anyway for your listening pleasure. D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlW-G0Sk36s Sorry for the suckage, and I'll try harder next time. Thanks guys.
  5. I had a dream in the morning of this song sung by choirs so I created a quick remix of it. Thanks for listening and enjoy. : ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlW-G0Sk36s
  6. Hey there, I'm paying 50.00 USD for someone to collaborate with me on some cliche hollywood trailer music. Looking for someone with stormdrum and good orchestral horns. If you also have guitar and can play a simple metal rhythm track it's a huge plus. I pay through paypal or check over mail (US only). E-mail me at this address with some samples of your work if you'd be interested: markhansaven@gmail.com Thanks, Mark Hans Aven
  7. Hello there ocremix, I've recently finished my feature length anime film that I've been working on for over half a decade in it's first digital form. I thought I would post the soundtrack here. Firstly, you can find the playlist to the soundtrack as well as find the full film for free (it's 1 hour and 45 minutes long, so you might want to have a bit of time on your hands) here: http://www.astralojia.com I'll post the opening song for the series, Courage, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URoHvdyIZWs I thank you for listening and thank you for your time, Mark Hans Avon
  8. Hey guys, I'm posting this here...probably because I've got no hits on it right now, and don't really know that many places I could put it. I figured maybe one or two people would appreciate giving it a listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAh04xv-ato It's a full soundtrack outline to a Visual Novel RPG. It is very shadowy, in my opinion. As it's an outline, so much of the content is unfinished: some of it is just piano, some of it is 10 seconds long, while other songs are 2 minutes long. All of it is MIDI. It starts out with a main theme and an opening theme. It then delves into mellow/brighter songs, then into some battle tunes, back into some dramatic ones, and then finally ending with the final boss themes. There are a couple melodies in there that I am very proud of, and some songs that I feel could be much improved. There wasn't much of a focus on perfection. Right now, before the songs are remixed, I want to reoutline them, and use a particular set of samples so that it is much more consistent. These songs/melodies were compiled over a couple years, in a semi-passive fashion. It's 38 minutes long, so I figured if you're playing a game like an mmorpg or something, it'd be something new to listen to in the background, and it might help to inspire a bit. Thanks, Mark Hans Avon
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcPMr6LwF_E Hello there, I'm not making this to submit it anywhere so I won't be working on it any further. I'm just submitting it here in case there are some Fire Emblem fans. If that's not alright, you can lock the topic. x_x
  10. Hey there, For if you like Kingdom Hearts music and like Star Wars, I'm posting this here. If it's not technically a remix then lock the topic, but I think it might be...as Star Wars Phantom Menace was technically a video game. x_x Youtube Vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFd3jw0DToI High Quality MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?ygpi1dfbjb66s04 Thanks for listening.
  11. Hello there, I'm looking to get a really compressed alternative-like drum sound like the opening for the .Hack//Dusk anime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCB8jl9YH6Q I know how much the people around here like to help out and give advice. I guess the joke about "alternative" rock, is that it's not really the alternative but what's widely used.... x_x Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. I agree actually...I've heard about the stability issues and I do love how Record has never crashed once and run completely stable. I like the insert effects scheme that they've come up with as well, using their own standard effects. I always said that Reason feels kind of like Linux in that you really have to do everything yourself to get industry standard sound... I'd love to hear some of your orchestral stuff done with the Miroslav library. The demo's on the site aren't really polished or programmed....at least that's how it seems, unless you count the newer Choirs library. As far as industry standard libraries go, there's that thing of becoming a programmer vs writing music that you always seem to have to be torn between now-a-days...Surely you also hear samples played with East West or Kontakt library samples that have no programming. I'm not biased towards good sound though...I'm kind of living in 2005 right now with how little I upgrade stuff...
  13. Anyone up for creating a music sharing topic? We could post MP3s if we don't all have the same versions of Reason... Just trying to kick some life into this forum as usual. x___x I always find myself experimenting and creating 2-10 second clips, trying to get a good sound out of Reason. If this topic goes anywhere I'll start posting some of those every now and then.
  14. Is there a way to program your keyboard so that it's buttons keyswitched/press the combinator buttons? I always wondered about that...I'm using an M-Audio Oxygen 61...Hmmm...
  15. I love Reason but I use Sonar Home Studio 2007 and have been a Sonar user for about 8 or 9 years, since Sonar Home Studio 2002 (which was simple, fast, and small, but extremely buggy and really really slow effect-wise x_x). When I first got Reason 3 it was incredible. Not only did it have the best samples I had heard at the time, but it was just midi, with no audio at all, and you'd just load an instrument and play...I had been using Garritan Personal Orchestra 1 at the time and it slugged along in Sonar...It was a nightmare. x_x I don't think I knew about MIDI routing software like MIDI Yoke at the time...If I did it probably would have saved my life. So I'm looking at...either upgrade from my Reason 4 and Record 1 to Reason 6.... Or switch to Kontakt with Sonar X1 [which supports video for scoring]....hmmm.... x__x Or, using my educational discount and switch to East West Samples and the Play Engine... Personally, for me, the question is, can Reason compete with higher end [acoustic] samples in the future? My belief is that, with libraries like Reason Drums, Bass, and Pianos, the Miroslav Orchestra, their Session Drum loops, and loop libraries like Big Bad Guitars, it stands as a great way to get good sound without having to spend a ton of extra money (buy a new computer, since Play pretty much requires you buy a high-end computer to run it properly with East West's samples...).
  16. What does everyone (2 people?) think about Reason 6? C'mon, let's get some discussion going in this board. x_x Personally, it seems like they're making small changes on the sampling front, and one might consider them to be making small changes in general... There's still no VST support, but I feel like they're starting to make it into a DAW more and more. I posted up on the Reason forums that I thought there should be VST and Video support in the future, a better sampler with better samples, and notation....I wonder if Reason 6 will still have Rewire support? Personally I was never a fan of Rewire....
  17. A new sampler would be great. Especially if it imported a range of formats. The one right now works if you live in the year 2004....not that long ago, but still.
  18. I agree. It's disappointing to me that the Orkestor sounds aren't any better than they are on the string side...It's definitely the mics they used to record the samples...or...something like that. x_x I like the miroslav refill library. If the NN-XT sampler had good portamento and and keyswitching I feel it would help also.
  19. --------------------------------------------- Reason Orchestral Template --------------------------------------------- - Mod Wheel controls expression. - If you hit harder on your keyboard, it's staccato/fast samples that play, everything ALTs so it doesn't have the machine gun effect - Everything is pre-panned and pre-mixed, the template is designed so that you can just play it through your keyboard - Since it's Reason, it doesn't take a billion GB of ram to run the full orchestra. - The template only uses Reason's base soundset, so no expansions or soundfonts are required. - The Combi's are laid out neatly/cleanly so it doesn't look like a big mess. - There are as few of tracks as possible, so you can get orchestral ideas down fast. - The Demo song included was not painstakingly created, and creating music with this template is not painstaking. Patches: 1. High Strings 2. Low Strings 3. Pizzicato Strings 4. Bass Strings 5. WW Clars 6. WW Oboes 7. WW Flutes 8. Bass Brass 9. Mid Brass 10. Trumpet 11. Percussion 12. Timpani Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?8bv73hfgc7p4uff ------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. I really thought that they could have just scratched the base soundset all together and started new, creating an industry standard set. I know they're adding new sounds, but will we see better orchestral samples I wonder? The reason I still use Sonar is because it has notation. If Reason 6 had notation, ability to import video, and a better sound set....Then again for ochestral stuff there are the Miroslav samples...and then the Reason drums and bass and pianos....still wanting a guitar...But here come more synth tools...
  21. Thanks for the comment on Astralojia. I'm still learning anatomy and stuff. I'm going to improve the first movie hopefully in the future too. x___x

  22. It's all volunteer. Secondly, audio quality doesn't have to be at a pro level. I use all MIDI guitars myself, and most of my music is very MIDI-ish sound quality wise. In fact, if you prefer working by sending MIDI files, I can do all of the mixing and audio production work on my side. If you're able to record guitar riffs, damnit by all means you're needed in the project, since there's so much rock music. x___x I'm going to be away from the 1st to the 14th. I'll be back on the 15th. If you'd be interested, just send me an e-mail (markhansavon[@]aol.com) and I'll hopefully be able to access some internet to reply. There will be even more cues to fill for Movie 3 and 4.
  23. Make another topic for it. We need more threads around here anyway. x_x Otherwise I'll create a separate topic for this. Also, there are many advantages of MIDI Guitars. They are cheaper to use, take less time to program and mix, and can tend to come up much cleaner if one's less experienced with real guitar. You can set the equipment up faster, and record an entire band by just playing one track at a time through a keyboard, drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and guitar. MIDI guitars are convenient to use, and if you hire a real guitarist, and you're waiting around and want to hear how your song would sound before you mix his guitars in, you can quickly write it out and enjoy listening to it yourself. Many many many many people have heard MIDI guitars (like Prominy LPC, Shreddage, and that other guy...can't remember his name x_x) and not been able to tell the difference between what's real and what's fake, and even if they do they still get that impression "wow...that sounds good..." and that firey emotion is the same. Then again, as far as I'm concerned, the emotion is in the writing and composition, not the sound. Anyway, I've created some guitars here that use just the base sound-set. These guitar combis are definitely focused more on rhythm guitar than on lead.
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